Yu-Gi-Oh Hires Professional Football Legend As New Global Ambassador


Yu Gi Oh made a name for himself years ago with his cartoons and trading cards in the best way. Although its heyday has passed, the series is still very popular around the world, and it has proven it with its new ambassador. After all, a favorite athlete teams up with Yu Gi Oh, and he’s doing it in a very public way.

The news comes after Antoine Griezmann launched Youtube with Konami to share his partnership with Yu Gi Oh. The France and Barcelona striker has made a deal to act as the series’ global ambassador, and Griezmann says the deal was made after contacting Konami for some. Yu Gi Oh Style.

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According to Griezmann, the brand was more than willing to help, and he was even asked to travel to Japan after receiving choice cards. This is where Konami not only offered to create a special card for Griezmann, but started taking steps to bring the footballer as a brand ambassador.

After the deal was done, Griezmann appeared in a video on Konami’s Youtube channel, and it was there that he opened up about his love for the franchise. It turns out that the athlete entered the series for the first time thanks to the Yu Gi Oh anime, but he told a Youtube that he wasn’t as familiar with the card game.

“I tried playing with a friend, but it was complicated with the whole point system of adding and subtracting points,” he said. shared in a recent interview. “I wasn’t really playing against friends. It was more in front of the TV, in my room with my office, summoning monsters.”

Speaking with Konami, Griezmann said he found Yu Gi Oh during a recent training order. Four or five months ago, when I was selected for international service and was traveling to Russia and Kazakhstan, I started watching Yu Gi Oh again and it was amazing.

The player then shed some light on the reason he joined Yu Gi Oh as an ambassador, and Griezmann was nice about it. For him, the franchise brings back the best of his childhood, and he hopes to someday share with other kids like his. “Thinking back to my childhood, I feel good. I know that someday I will be able to show my son what his father looked at when he was young, and I’m sure he will love it, ”he shared.“ It will be a kind of legacy. “

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