Why VPN services are getting increasingly popular?

VPN it is the personal virtual network allowing to protect the user data, in order to bypass blocking of the websites and to get rid of a GEO location. Without it during the connection to Internet user data pass several stages through provider or provider and point of access to wi-fi and that doesn’t guarantee safety.

But why the simple user who doesn’t store on the own computer drawings of nuclear missiles or passwords from all computers of the personal network need VPN? At practice, many people faced a problem of information blocking from the websites. At such situation, someone will sigh and close the blocked website. But someone will begin to look for ways to reach the necessary information by all means.

Legal content

Legal free content must be available to any user. And it is available — but not to all countries. On YouTube, there are many videos which viewing is forbidden in the territory of some countries. In them there is nothing terrible or illegal — the policy of YouTube wouldn’t allow it. They are just closed for viewing.

The American cable network “Netflix” which is available on paid subscription, allows watching legally some movies and soap operas in the archive of the channel. Also, there already finished and complete seasons of series which cable TV broadcasting only once a week are available (now many other channels start to practice this thing). Also, some channels can upload on their official sites the first series of seasons before they can be seen on TV screens — and all this is absolutely free, without any subscriptions. For example, “Showtime” acted this way and provided for viewing the first series of the last season of “Shameless” in five days before the premiere. In such situation, there is a wish to look, besides absolutely legally. The main problem is only in a GEO location thanks to which movies and series are available in the territories exclusively of certain countries.

Many online movie theaters, for example, providing a subscription which can also aggravate a GEO location problem – outside the country their website is often unavailable.

vpn bypassing geo restrictions

The problem is solved by connection to a personal area network. You can find many variants of VPN service  which help to bypass GEO prohibitions, don’t load the browser and will not break OS.

Safety of personal data

With Internet commerce development more and more people use online banks: systems of online money such as WebMoney or PayPal, and personal accounts on the bank websites. Through the Internet, many purchases are made which are paid with a bank card. The unprotected network can lead to a leak of user data to hacker’s hands. This is not fairy tales from paranoids — fraud at the Internet is a real problem.

By using free wi-fi network it is also possible to face the situation when data of the user will go to someone unwanted. Mainly because of this many people was faced with the hacking of their pages at social networks. It is made usually for spam sending, and it isn’t difficult to recover the password, but let’s agree – this is not the most pleasant situation in your life.

Other options

Access to social networks pages can be blocked too. VPN helps to fully bypass this block. Access can be blocked also at offices by order of the administration from above: while the chief system administrator of the company plays online games at server room, ordinary workers can’t respond the message at the social network. Yes, at the workplace you should work. But the message can be really important and must be answered without any delay. VPN can help to bypass these prohibitions too.

The fact that your actions at the Internet can be tracked is known to many. The VPN service provides in addition to the safety of personal data the anonymity too. It is possible to change own IP address or country and be ciphered not worse that intelligence agent can.