‘We saved his life’: Chelsea footballers rescue baby deer from lake


CHELSEA — Robbie Tyson and Hunter Shaw are used to catching fish when they go fishing, but on Wednesday they staggered something very unusual.

The two recent Chelsea graduates and former football players were summer fishing in South Lake, Lyndon Township, when they noticed a strange figure in the water.

Tyson quickly realized it was a baby deer that seemed to be struggling to swim in the middle of the lake and needed help.

And that’s when the duo came into action.

“We started navigating to him and he basically disappeared,” Tyson told MLive in a phone interview. “We were like, ‘Holy shit, this could drown.’ I didn’t know where his mother was, but we had to get her ashore.

The tandem headed towards the fawn to try to save it. After 10 minutes of trying to catch the fawn with a net, Tyson decided to reach into the water and pull the fawn onto the boat with his bare hands.

Shaw, who threw the game-winning basket in the state championship game last fall, said he could sense how stressed the fawn was, but after a few minutes on the boat he began to calm down. as they returned to shore and released. this.

“Once we let him go, he was doing well and looking healthy,” Shaw said.

Chelsea’s Hunter Shaw poses for a photo with a fawn after rescuing it from South Lake on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Robbie Tyson)

Tyson, who played defensive back for the Bulldogs, said it was not unusual to see deer crossing rivers, but he was shocked to see a fawn in the middle of the water trying to cross the lake, which he said was between 200 and 300. meters wide.

“I guess that fawn swam all the way,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It was crazy. It was really nice helping a little baby deer across the lake.

After releasing the baby deer, the two couldn’t help but talk about what had happened.

“We were kind of in shock,” Tyson said. “We were like, ‘Holy shit, we just found a baby deer in the lake, and we saved his life.'”

Shaw and Tyson continued fishing after the rescue and even caught a few bass. But nothing they caught that day matched that memorable moment.

“We were just shocked that we caught a deer,” Shaw said. “We were fishing and we didn’t catch a lot of fish, but we did catch a deer. It was quite funny.


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