Unsung heroes: without recognition, UCF football players who help the team to succeed


ORLANDO – Great to discuss the passing exploits of Dillon gabriel and all of the high-flying offensive production the Knights produce each season. These games would not take place without the following players doing their jobs first.

The lack of notoriety for many positions goes hand in hand with the job description for many different roles for Knights, just like most college football teams. Players who block, as well as players who squeak during practice just to be allowed into a real match, these players also have a big impact despite a lack of notoriety.

This article would be dedicated to them. This first article will focus on the offense. Look for articles related to defense and special teams over the weekend.

Note: There are obviously elite skill players in this UCF team. This article is squarely about players who complete their game and deserve a lot more credit for doing so than most often credit for doing so.


If we hang around Inside the knights enough, you will be systematically made aware of the importance of offensive online play. To that end, the UCF offensive line deserves praise for helping to produce one of the best offensive units in the country. Here are the stats for the Knights’ offensive and special teams across three games:

UCF 2021 offensive statistics

From this group of offensive linemen there is a special storyline that unfolded over the course of two games. Center Matthew Lee very well played in the first two competitions. Unfortunately, he was injured in the Bethune-Cookman game. Although he tried to play against Louisville, Lee couldn’t get over the injury. See you soon for a speedy recovery. His replacement did an incredible job.

One of the best offensive guards in college football would be Cole schneider. He went from left guard to center of play, and the Knights didn’t miss a beat against the Cardinals. There were a lot of running tracks and the time to throw the soccer ball continued to be good. Hats off to each of these young men.

By the way, he was an offensive lineman that of Adrian Medley first start and he handled it well. Great sign for the second year student in the red shirt that he was ready to play at any time. Let’s move on to the big-little man of the hasty attack, Johnny richardson started to show what he could really do against Louisville.

Did anyone miss the explosive speed displayed by Richardson against Louisville?

It would be easy to do that. The second ball carrier is a blur! Richardson slashed the Louisville defense with nine attempts for 101 yards, averaging 11.2 yards per carry. As with Lee, the injuries continued to run Isaiah Bowser to stay in alignment. Once Bowser left the Louisville game, Richardson also took over with serious explosiveness and tenacity.

UCF vs. Louisville

Running back Johnny Richardson (# 25) showed dynamic running ability against Louisville, while offensive lineman like Adrian Medley (# 76) also performed well after helping replace injured Matthew Lee at the center.

Richardson delivered more than pure speed. He suffered arm tackles and fell forward for positive gains. He’s the type of running back that can turn a game into a single carry.

Going forward, the combination of Bowser and Richardson should be a tough combination for teams to overcome. It doesn’t even take running back talent into account. Thousand Billion Coles That is. The Knights have one of the busiest backfields in the country; it is both heart and talent that lead the ball carriers. Do not forget this.

This group of running backs are playing hard, regardless of the player UCF Head Coach Gus Malzahn sent to enter the composition. They apparently feed on each other. This is the definition of unsung heroes if there is one, collectively speaking. Another offensive player to mention.

When playing in the same wide receiver range as explosive athletes like Ryan o’keefe and Jaylon robinson, you probably won’t get the same level of notoriety. Well don’t tell that to Brandon johnson, the transfer from Tennessee. What a great addition to Johnson’s roster turned out to be.

There's a good reason Brandon Johnson received a

There’s a good reason Brandon Johnson got a “C” on his jersey. He’s a real leader.

O’Keefe and Robinson’s speed aside, Johnson performed his duties in terms of size, road running and tenacity. He can also run. It’s just that he knows how to play football first and foremost. When it’s time to block, that’s when he could really make the biggest contribution.

On a wide receiver screen for a player like Robinson, a good block from a teammate like Johnson can be the difference between a two-yard loss and a 50-yard touchdown. Johnson will block and complete his task of his own free will.

While doing his job, Johnson also keeps attention on the other wide receivers. In fact, he helps himself with his blockage because it allows him to receive more individual coverage. By being a good teammate, Johnson has proven that good things come back.

This unsung hero has already seen karma pay him back. Despite playing with two jackrabbits in the same lineup, Johnson leads the team with three touchdown receptions. He has earned his fair rewards for his hard work and team spirit. Hats off, Mr Johnson.

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