Tikko urges government to hand over PFF headquarters to NC


KARACHI: Senior Balochistan Football Association (BFA) official Haji Saeed Tikko demanded on Wednesday that the federal government hand over the PFF seat to the FIFA-appointed Standards Committee (NC) as soon as possible so that the dispute long standing can be resolved. resolved.

“We demand that the federal government ensure the smooth transfer of the seat to the NC so that the electoral process can begin,” Tikko told ‘The News’ in an interview from his hometown of Chaman.

However, he admitted that it is not that easy to fix this problem. “If the government does this, we the stakeholders will be able to put pressure on NC President Haroon Malik to hold the PFF elections as soon as possible.

“People are hoping for an easy resolution of the dispute, but I don’t think so. I think the government wants to play a role in the electoral process, which is not possible because FIFA does not allow third party interference in the affairs of its affiliated associations, ”said Tikko, a former secretary of BFA.

He said the football fraternity is divided and WhatsApp groups are their main cause. “We listen to people associated with football using bad language against each other in these WhatsApp groups. Some have become spokespersons for Haroon Malik when Haroon does not know it. This is the cause of the discord in the football community, ”said Tikko.

“We don’t realize what’s going on in our tournaments. The referees are roughed up and Pakistan is vilified because everyone knows there is no system of punishment and reward. Nobody thinks about that. Our football stakeholders are responsible for this mess. But now the big responsibility rests on the shoulders of the government. He should play his role and immediately hand over the seat to the NC unconditionally, ”Tikko said.

“We don’t think of our young footballers who are the future of the game, but we only consider our advantages and FIFA protocols. I cannot favor any party. If I do this, who will fight for our players who suffer the most because of this case, ”Tikko said.

It is likely that the government will soon hand over the PFF headquarters to NC. IPC Minister Dr Fehmida is abroad and it is expected that the surrender process will be undertaken upon her return.

Pakistan is serving a FIFA suspension due to third party interference. FIFA will only lift the suspension when the headquarters and accounts are under the control of NC. FIFA has already informed NC that after regaining access to headquarters and accounts, it will need to start club registration and review, which is the first step towards holding district level elections. After that, provincial and PFF level elections will be held. FIFA has already extended CN’s tenure until June 30, 2022.


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