The Washington Huskies look in much better football shape.


Current University of Washington football coaches, out of respect, say they won’t belittle previous ones.

Moreover, they are far too busy getting to know their players and installing a completely new attack that will focus on spreading the pitch and developing a defense that will bring more pressure.

Still, one thing is pretty obvious after watching every player top to bottom through a month of spring training — last year’s Huskies weren’t in the best footballing shape.

They might have thought they were, but they weren’t. They left a lot of them in the weight room and on the running track.

This argument was first made after tracing the 2021 schedule and noting that a badly underperforming 4-8 UW team fared poorly and lost five games in the fourth quarter.

It was also going to be a badge of honor that the Huskies fielded the heaviest offensive line in school history, but it turned out to be a detriment as these guys struggled all season to get out of the way. snap and block anyone.

New weight and conditioning coach Ron McKeefery immediately tackled this problem with everyone with creative winter workouts that players uniformly described as difficult and too taxing.

“Definitely want to shout out Coach Mac’s training schedule, it’s huge, definitely one of the best I’ve ever been on,” tight end Devi Culp said, down 6 pounds at 244. “There are no gadget jokes. They’re definitely going to give you a lot, make your body adapt and it’s going to be really tough.”

Forty-two players lost weight while switching from one Husky coaching staff to another.

Even though they haven’t lost many or any pounds, UW players look noticeably buffer, sleeker, as they walk around.

The biggest body transformation was achieved by redshirt freshman defensive tackle Siaois Finau, who lost 49 pounds after hitting a record high of 315.

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Ulumoo Ale topped 368 pounds a year ago, making him the second-heaviest Pac-12 football player last season, but current staff cut him down to 344 and headed for 330 in August next after moving him from the offensive line to defense.

Edge rusher Zion Tupuola-Fetui currently weighs 241, down from a high of 278 two seasons ago, with some of that weight loss attributed to his rehabilitation from an Achilles injury suffered a year ago. He will actually try to put on more pounds, looking for a happy medium.

“I like 240 although it’s probably not the best number to have as a linebacker,” he said, suggesting that 255 or 260 might still be a better target weight. He will use the spring drills to determine which is best.

Tight end Caden Jumper and point carrier Jordan Lolohea each lost 16 pounds, bringing their weight down to 249.

Wide receiver Jabez Tinae is down 20 pounds from 205.

Walk-in offensive lineman Gage Harty is training at 244, down 26 pounds.

Others with double-digit weight loss are cornerback Zakhari Spears, 11 pounds to 184; offensive guard Owen Prentice, 11 pounds to 299; cornerback Elijah Jackson, 11 pounds to 184; and offensive tackle Julius Buelow, 11 pounds to 319.

With so many slender frames and calorie-burning spring practices, the new Husky staff made sure to have a table full of smoothies, energy drinks, fruit and snacks easily accessible to Huskies when they leave the ground.

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