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Yolla will have a herd of Chooks running around the field for the new Darwin Football Association season. Michael “Chook” Smith has childhood memories of watching his father Tony play, crossing the border as a referee, and tending to the scoreboard with his older brother Darren. Now he returns to co-coach with James Allen at Yolla Football Club, coaching his three sons, Shaun, Zac and Liam. Smith said his sons not only share his last name but also his nickname. “It’s pretty interesting in training with a bunch of Chooks running around,” said Smith. He said the family are looking forward to this new opportunity. “The boys have never played a soccer game together. “Yolla approached Zac and myself and we thought it was a great opportunity. “Zac’s job had changed so it was a bit difficult to engage with the NWFL rigger. [where he set Wynyard’s games record]. Liam then returned from Hobart. “And now it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to hopefully play together.” Zac and Liam have proven themselves as seniors, but Shaun has a bit of work to do. Smith said Shaun would return to play after about eight to nine years due to injury issues. “Obviously the dream is for my sons to all be in the park.” It would be fantastic if the three boys could play seniors together. . “He said boys play the same.” Zac and Liam can play midfield or mid-back. Shaun is more defensive. “All three of them are quite skillful and manoeuvrable.” Smith said he remembered his father winning Yolla’s first flag in 1979. watching his coach son and grandsons play from the stands. Yolla isn’t the first time Smith and Allen have coached together. The pair trained reserves together at Wynyard. Smith said clubs in the league have recruited strong players during the offseason. “I have recruited a few good players,” he said. Last season, Yolla was beaten in the final by Natone. “I hope we can take a step or two further than last season.” But in the end, we really want to take advantage. And to be respected by other clubs. “Smith said they had the opportunity to speak with former and current players in addition to the club’s supporters.” They have been fantastic. Everyone gets along very well. “There is a bit of work to be done and a few haven’t put on shoes for a while.” There have been some great numbers in training. the blessings to play from their partners.




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