The college football star is set to become the first NFL player with same-sex parents


Trey McBride may not be a household name among NFL fans, but he could soon be.

The Colorado State University tight end is expected to be selected in the NFL Draft, which begins Thursday in Las Vegas. He will also become the first NFL player with same-sex parents. McBride is one of five children Kate McBride has with longtime partner Jen. They beam with pride for their son.

“I’m thrilled to see him living his dream,” Kate told TODAY. “When your kid comes up to you when he’s little and says he wants to be president, you’re like, ‘OK, honey, that’s great.’ He wanted to play in the NFL and he will.

Kate and Jen started their family in the 1990s and say the climate of acceptance was different.

“Really, it’s just normal for me. It’s something I’ve lived all my life. It’s not something that I know any differently,” he said.

When it comes to worries about kids picking on their kids for having same-sex parents, Kate and Jen tried to hammer home a message of love.

“You always worry about your kids,” Jen said. “Because we are all children. We know how children are. But the main thing with them is to trust who you are. You come from a family where each of us is on your side, no matter what, at all times of the day. So nobody really talked about bullying.

Trey says his parents have always paved the way for their family.

“It’s quite special. It’s heartwarming and they’ve been great role models for me and my brothers, so it’s cool to see how they raised us and it’s just really special for us,” he said.

“More important than him playing in the NFL or anything is that he’s a good human. He’s a good boy. That’s the most important thing,” Kate said.

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