Tell the football teams: there is no fair play in apartheid Israel


Dear players, management and staff,

I add my voice to the Palestinian teams who urge you not to play or train in apartheid Israel.

Israel, like other oppressive regimes, invites famous teams like yours because it knows that these sporting events are a golden opportunity to cleanse its apartheid regime. They help provide Israeli apartheid with the cover it needs to continue its brutal and prolonged oppression of all Palestinians, including footballers, with impunity.

To play a match today in apartheid Israel, as it continues to kill, maim and arrest young Palestinian footballers, goes against the very values ​​that underpin sport in general. , and the beautiful game in particular. It would be like playing a match in apartheid South Africa in the 1980s.

The sports world has sanctioned Russia for its months-old illegal invasion of Ukraine. It is high time to end the hypocrisy by taking a similar stance against Israel’s decades-old settlement and apartheid regime.

Playing the game in Israeli apartheid is a choice. You can choose to stand on the right side of history, joining a growing number of teams and athletes advocating for Palestinian rights. Or you can choose to play for the apartheid team and have it forever in your club’s history book.

Listen to the Palestinian teams. Cancel the match. Do it for:

Zaid Ghneim, 14, Al Khader FC, killed by Israeli soldiers, May 2022

Thaer Yazouri, 18, Palestinian Football Academy, killed by Israeli soldiers, May 2022

Mohammad Ghneim, 19, Al Khader FC, killed by Israeli soldiers, April 2022

Said Odeh16, Balata FC, killed by Israeli soldiers, May 2021

Players of the Palestine Amputee Football Association who lost limbs during the Israeli military assaults on Gaza.

There is no fair play in Israeli apartheid.


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