Stanford head coach David Shaw: ASU football allegations are ‘disrespectful’


Arizona State University is in hot water and a Pac-12 coach isn’t happy about it.

ASU Head Coach Herm Edwards

ASU has been reportedly accused of breaking several rules set by the NCAA during the mandated “dead period” during the COVID-19 pandemic. The dead period banned in-person recruiting activities and ordered all communications to be driven solely by electronics.

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Athleticism Doug Haller first reported these violations, citing “the school’s athletic compliance office recently received a package with detailed information about high school prospects who surrendered during the COVID-19 dead period.” Shortly thereafter, compliance officers began interviewing staff members. A former sports department employee said some people in football offices fear losing their jobs. “

According to Yahoo! Sports, “multiple sources indicated that at least 30 players visited the campus over a period of several months, a practice so common that coaches referred to” official visit weekends “at staff meetings, coaches met recruits and families in a back stairwell and a developed routine of facilities visits are given around 9 or 10 p.m. in the evening. “

Although the head coach Herm Edwards the full involvement in the scandal is unknown, as are the consequences of violating the dead period rules, many people are upset by these potential violations.

Pierre Thamel from Yahoo! Sports, reported that Stanford coach David Shaw finds the whole situation “disrespectful.”

“It’s a disrespectful thing to do,” Shaw said. “It doesn’t sound too hard. But for me being a life sentence in this profession and a child of a coach, I believe in respecting our profession and respecting others in the profession.


Katie PackageArizona state vice president of media relations confirmed the NCAA investigation to Yahoo Sports. However, she declined to comment further on specific allegations.

The investigation remains ongoing.


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