South Anchorage soccer star Amadou Jobarteh


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – If you ever see Amadou Jobarteh, you’ll find a soccer ball at his feet.

The South Anchorage High School senior’s love for the sport knows no bounds, boundaries or limits as he has traveled with it no matter where he plays ‘the game of the world’.

“It started when I was young, I was a kid growing up in The Gambia, West Africa,” Jobarteh said ahead of Wolverines’ first away training of the season. “I just play sports, there’s so much love, there’s so much passion and I just like to play, I like to learn, I like to experiment, I like to grow. It’s just that at every time I play these elements come together, it’s just the same old feeling when I was young.

The talent immediately jumps off the pitch watching the Southern superstar, highlighted by his quick feet, ball control and vision.

“He does things that only Tinder can do,” said South Anchorage boys head coach Brad Horton. “You can tell he grew up with the game and he watches the game.”

Horton goes on to say that “his ability to keep the ball at his feet, to go up against guys (one-on-one), to make things happen that are kind of out of thin air, is what really, really makes him a special player.”

However, it was his off-field traits that made Horton comfortable giving the ‘C’ armband – which stands for captain, although it could just as well mean ‘character’.

“Amadou is a very respectful young man, I never have to think, ‘Amadou is going to do something this weekend that’s going to endanger him on Monday or next week,'” added Horton. “He’s doing well in school…a really smart kid and the same work rate you see on the pitch that he does off the pitch.”

“He’s a super good leader, super good at communicating with the players on the field, which is unique to high school,” Horton continued. “I think when you create leadership and you do that with your voice as well as your hard work, there’s something about that, and he’s definitely a special player and people notice that.”

Jobarteh awaits instructions before throwing the ball against Eagle River at the Dome during the 2022 high school football season.(Jordan Rodenberger)

As much as he enjoys putting the ball in the back of the net, he finds equal joy in seeing his teammates succeed, another characteristic he learned through the game he loves.

“It helped me grow,” Jobarteh said of what football taught him. “I grew as a person and I grew as a player.”

“I learned that through football, through cooperation, through low times, through high times, I’ve been through everything,” he continued.

And if the 2021 Cook Inlet All-Conference member makes it easy to play football, be a leader, or be a stellar student with a 4.2 GPA, that’s because it is.

“I’m a natural for that,” he laughed. “I am a natural to my liking, all life. I always tried to push. Push even with school, work, everything, try to be the best at what I do, what I try to accomplish.

The Southern standout will shoot for the stars one more round at the start of his senior football season.

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