Second woman testifies Spring Hill College footballer raped her


MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – A friend of alleged rape victim Audrey Cox testified on Monday that the accused, Vassil Kokali, raped her the previous October.

The bombshell testimony came after the woman and lawyers had a closed session before Judge Charles Graddick to determine whether the testimony would be allowed.

The woman, who was a student at Spring Hill College with the accused and his accuser, said her sexual encounter with Kokali took place in the last week of October 2020, a week before Halloween. She testified that she invited Kokali back to her apartment that night to smoke marijuana, then woke up the next morning for him to change into his clothes to go home.

The woman told jurors she had no pants or underwear.

“I was so confused about what happened,” she said.

Kokali faces three felony charges, first degree rape, first degree sodomy and first degree burglary. FOX10 News named Cox because she voluntarily went public with her accusation and discussed the case with the media.

Cox’s friend testified that she confronted Kokali in a message after the rape and told her she had no memory of what happened. “Yeah, I don’t even know if you love me when you’re sober,” he replied, according to the testimony.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Megan Doggett explained to the woman why she didn’t mention Kokali raping her until March 14 last year, when a detective from the department campus police questioned her. She later went public with her story on social media in May 2021 and testified on Monday that she had been scared before.

“It wasn’t until Mrs. Cox started claiming she was raped that she was able to convince you that he took advantage of you too, well; is not it? Dogget asked.

The woman denied this.

The woman testified that she had only told one other person about it before, a friend a day or two later, but she acknowledged that she did not call it rape.

The defense showed photos of the woman with Kokali at a bar days after she now claims she was raped. The jury saw photos of her at a birthday party for Kokali in February 2021. She admitted that she had attended the meeting, just over three months after she said she had been raped, and that she had sent him a handwritten note with a heart. .

“In fact, you kept sending her Snapchat messages in the weeks that followed, asking her to come over and hook up,” Doggett said at one point.

The woman replied, “Not that I remember.”

The woman also denied a number of other claims made by the defense attorney, including that her roommate had moved out because she believed the woman was creating a “toxic” environment and that what she was saying about Kokali was not true.

She also denied texting some of Kokali’s teammates on the Spring Hill College football team asking for marijuana and sex.

The woman was with Cox on the night of March 11, 2021. She said they started at the Piano Bar on Dauphin Street for penny shots and then went to the Saddle Up Saloon. She said she saw Kokali at the Piano bar and he put his arm around her waist.

“His hand was on my pelvic bone and made me feel a little uncomfortable,” he said.

Doggett confronted the woman with her statement to investigators and acknowledged that she did not mention at the time that Kokali made her feel uncomfortable.

If convicted, Kokali faces 10 years to life in prison.

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