Reinventing the cool office – hop on a virtual tour of the best workplace interior designs in the UK

Office managers already know the impact of a comfortable, beautifully designed office on workers’ productivity, but for most of them, efforts usually stop at adding a couch in the hallway, setting up a lunch area or hanging inspirational prints on the office walls. Others, however, have used the freedom of customizing the office space to create fun, quirky, cool interior workplace designs that break formal boundaries. While the US might have a great reputation for cool workplace interior designs, the digital agencies and gaming companies in the UK have a few gems of their own. Here are three of the British headquarters that many consider to be the dream workplace.

Splunk – graffiti meets big data

Splunk is a big data analysis software company whose London offices look like the brainchild of a graffiti artist and a Whovian. Although the offices only occupy 6,000 sq ft, the company’s architects have used every inch of space strategically, creating a quirky, suburban style.

A US-original company, Splunk has definitely kept some key underground components when designing their offices, namely Banksy-inspired graffiti-painted walls and underground railway arches. Most rooms are open, creating a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. When opening a British branch, Splunk designers wanted the headquarters to pay homage to British culture, which is why they added a few Doctor Who references (a Tardis-shaped demo room, graffiti Daleks) and some red phone boxes on the hallways.

AKQA – industrial design at work

AKQA is a London-based digital agency that values the importance of creativity in everything – including the interior design of their offices. A modern mix of industrial design and residential elements, their style focuses on indoor plants, unfinished brick walls, Edison-style lighting and elegant kitchen decorations.

Mind Candy – work hard, play hard

Gaming company Mind Candy, creators of Moshi Monsters, Petlandia & World of Warriors have designed and decorated their Shoreditch offices to fully reflect their cute and quirky style. Featuring toy versions of their iconic game characters, the offices look less like a workplace and more like a play sanctuary for the child at heart. Because the company frequently invites children to test their games, they incorporated a treehouse room and a gingerbread house. The rest of the offices feature fairy-tale inspired elements such as rope lining, gumball machines, and wooden fences.

Not just for fun – the benefits of a cool office space

Modern digital agencies and gaming companies don’t go to all these lengths just to get a mention in the annual top of the coolest UK offices. Multiple studies have shown that the workplace places a vital role in establishing a creative, productive mindset for employees. When they do not have to spend eight hours a day working in a cubicle, or in a blank office space, they feel more inspired, more creative and they greet each working day with enthusiasm. It cannot go unnoticed that relaxing after work is a necessary thing that every worker should do. That is why you can easily while the time checking a popular website ValleyGames, where you can choose an online casino according to your taste. And, although decorating an entire office building in a quirky style is in no way affordable, it can increase company value and reputation in the long run.