Peyton Manning “can’t imagine” Aaron Rodgers not playing in 2021


Denver resident Peyton Manning is heading to Canton immortality next month. He doesn’t see a future Hall of Fame member following in Rocky Mountain’s footsteps anytime soon.

Manning appeared on MLB Network ahead of the 2021 Home Run Derby at Coors Field in Denver on Monday and shared his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’ current situation in Green Bay. After months of subtle rumblings linking Rodgers to a potential move to Mile High City, Manning tossed snow on the subject when asked where he thinks Rodgers might go.

“Great question. Obviously, this is the summer question here in Denver,” Manning said. “Obviously I hope he plays somewhere this year. The fact that Aaron Rodgers might not be playing this year I can’t imagine. He’s too good a player. Too fun for them to watch. fans. Personally, I hope it’s in Bay Green. That’s how I see it. I hope they can make amends and work [it] outside. This team is so close, if he were to leave it would obviously be a major change for them.

“My gut is he’s not coming to Denver. My gut is Denver is going to have Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater as a quarterback. At this point you have to know what your plan is, you can’t have a new quarterback. – back three weeks before the season. “

Manning makes a good point at the end of his answer: It’s hard to acclimate a new quarterback to a different offensive system with months of spare time. It’s even harder to do it in a month.

Player movement requires a lot more mental effort than just hitting ‘submit an offer’ on a commercial machine or in the latest edition of EA SportsMadden NFL video game. Switching quarterbacks is often not as easy as plugging in and playing (provided the quarterback isn’t Brett Favre).

Even with Rodgers mastering the job, building a relationship with new teammates would be a tall order. For the Broncos, they don’t exactly have time to complete such a task, although Rodgers would be a massive upgrade to the position and instantly put the Broncos at the top of every news cycle.

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