Peterborough Iqra Academy football team retains its crown


Principal Dr Michael Wright looks back on the girls’ football journey over the past year as they retained their national crown and became national champions of the Muslim Schools Association again in 2021.

The football mad girls at Iqra Academy were unable to play competitive football for an entire year in 2020/21 due to COVID restrictions, which had a huge impact on their health and well-being.

However, this year the school was back in full force, playing every week and winning competitions. Students visibly show greater confidence and resilience in everything they do.

Our school football team became the Association of National Champions of Muslim Schools in 2021, retaining its national crown, which it won in 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017. Iqra is a sister school of Arsenal Football Club and sponsored by the Royal Air Force. Since playing their first competitive game in September 2016, the school football team have now played over 160 competitive games and have an astonishing playing record winning thirteen trophies.

Played 165, won 139, 8 draws, 18 lost, 574 goals, against 167, +407

Iqra Academy also won the FA Community Award for ‘Best Inclusive Project’ as they have set up a weekly women’s football academy for all Thomas Deacon Education Trust of Schools. About 40 girls from Iqra attend these weekly sessions.

Iqra Academy is a member of the FA Girls Football School partnership and, together with Youth Sport Trust, seeks to develop women’s football participation in schools.

The Iqra Academy is committed to developing women’s football through the Barclays Girls Football School partnerships. The school also works closely with the English Schools Football Association, which has supported the AMS National Finals. In partnership with Faith Associates, Iqra Academy won the Nike Pro Hijab competition and now wears them in all competitive matches.

A parent from Iqra Academy wrote to the school saying, “I just want to give positive feedback on school football. I think you are doing a fantastic job and it is appreciated.

“Personally speaking with my daughter with asthma, the extra exercise is really helpful and she really enjoys it; she’s super horny on game day. It is a great feeling when your kid wants to play soccer with you or his siblings rather than playing on their laptop. For my daughter this has been a wonderful and positive revelation in the world of sports and fitness, especially as a young Muslim girl. Thank you. ”

The school’s “Enrichment Charter” supports the school’s values ​​of integrity, quality, respect and aspiration. It provides opportunities in community work, careers, CCF, theater, arts, music and sports, which helps make Iqra Academy such a successful school both in and out of the hall. class.

The development of football and health and wellness schools has had a dramatic impact on students. Iqra is now a happier and healthier school, students are more confident and have more opportunities in sports and health initiatives, to realize their potential as active British Muslim women.


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