Ohio State lineman Harry Miller to medically retire from football, citing mental health


Ohio State offensive lineman Harry Miller announced he was medically retiring from football on Thursday and shared he intended to take his own life before the 2021 season.

Miller, a fourth-year Buckeyes player, said he told head coach Ryan Day of his suicidal thoughts and Day immediately put him in touch with medical professionals for help.

Miller had been absent from spring practices this year and was ruled unavailable days ago without explanation. He shared the reasoning behind the decision to retire in a detailed statement on social media.

‘I would not usually share such information. However, because I have played football, I no longer have the privilege of privacy, so I will briefly share my story before other articles continue to ask,’ What’s wrong with Harry Miller,'” his statement read. “That’s a good question. It’s a good enough question that I don’t know the answer, although I’ve asked it many times.”

After meeting with medical professionals, Miller said he tried to return to football while covering the scars on his wrists and throat with duct tape.

“Back then, I would rather be dead than a coward. I would rather be nothing at all, than have to explain everything that was wrong,” he said. “I intended to be reduced to my initials on the back of a helmet. I had seen people asking for help before. I had seen the old adage that our generation softened at the second, but I can tell you that my skin was hard.”

Miller, a student at Ohio State College of Engineering with a 4.0 GPA, will continue his studies. He said in the statement that Day is also finding a way for Miller to help other cast members on the show who may be dealing with mental health.

“I hope athletic departments across the country do the same,” Miller said. “If not for [Day] and staff, my words would not be a reflection. They would be evidence in an autopsy.”


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