Nick Brahms takes to Twitter to request a reunion with BOT


Current reports indicate that the Auburn board of directors is investigating Tigers head coach Bryan Harsin. Auburn starting center Nick Brahms took to Twitter to ask Auburn’s board of directors and outgoing president Jay Gogue to speak with team executives.

Brahms, who has been at Auburn since 2017, is leading the charge to have open lines of communication between administration and the team. Players are one of the groups that interact with Harsin the most and should have valuable insight into how he behaves.

“Your decisions will impact us and this program for years to come,” Brahms wrote. “We have valuable information because we spend every day with Coach Harsin and his team. We love Auburn like all of you.

Brahms tagged Tank Bigsby, Barton Lester, Anders Carlson, Owen Pappoe, Derick Hall and John Samuel Shenker in a second tweet.

Brahms isn’t the first player to weigh in on Harsin via social media, some have been positive while others have been negative.

At a recent board meeting, Gouge addressed the situation and did little to calm the situation.

“There have been a lot of rumors and speculation about our football program,” Gogue said. “I just want you to know that we try to separate fact from fiction.”

The fact that so much of this debate has taken place publicly is not good for Auburn. Brahms having to ask the board to meet on Twitter is just another indictment of the dysfunction plaguing Auburn right now.

Regardless of whether Harsin coaches Auburn in the future, the dysfunction must be addressed for Auburn to be successful on the field.


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