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The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association has released its initial power ratings for boys and girls’ soccer and volleyball.

The grades for field hockey were released last week, but Berkshire County high schools do not play the sport, so it’s the first grades that matter to county administrators, coaches and athletes.

Tyler hits the ball

Drury defender Neal Brierley can’t block Hoosac’s Tyler Norcross as he kicks the ball and scores a goal in a game against Drury at North Adams. Hoosac defeated Drury 9-0.

Football odds are expected to be released on Tuesday, according to the MIAA.

The highest-rated team in the odds released Monday is the Hoosac Valley men’s soccer team. The Hurricanes, who were 7-0-2 in games on September 29, the threshold for first odds, are second in the field of 80 men’s teams in the V. Granby division, 6-0-1, is the top seed.

The football and volleyball tournaments will be groupings of 32 teams, plus any teams outside of the top 32 that have records better than .500. These teams would face off in play-in matches, with the winners sliding in to face the seeds.

The preliminary round games, as well as rounds 32, 16 and 8, will all be played on home courts or in home gyms. The last four matches and the Championship competitions will be played on a neutral venue.

Boys Football

Patrick Mahoney’s Hurricanes are 1.6665, compared to 1.9851 for the top-ranked Granby. The Central Mass team. Bromfield, 7-1-0, is third at 1.6051 odds.

Three other county teams would play in a 32-team Division V tournament, with McCann Tech (4-1-3) ranked 10th, Taconic (5-4-1) 14th and Mount Greylock (1-4-2) 30th. Lenox is ranked 35th, Drury is 38th and Mount Everett is 51st. There are 80 Division V teams across Massachusetts.

The Wahconah boys’ soccer team placed in the top 10 in Division IV, a division with 63 teams. First-year coach Kevin Boino’s Warriors were 4-1-0 by the filing deadline and are the No.9 team. Monument Mountain is the other D-IV team, and the Spartans would. part of the tournament as they are ranked 22nd out of 63 teams.

Frontier, 9-0-0, is the top-rated D-IV team with a score of 1.8679. Rockland, 8-0-0, has an odds of 1.8327. Cohasset is third.

Pittsfield is Berkshire County’s only team in the Division III boys field, and the Generals 2-5-1 are ranked 48th of 62. Pembroke is No. 1, with Dighton-Rehoboth second.

Girls Football

The Women’s Division V rankings have three Berkshire County teams in the top 10.

Lenox, 5-1-0, is ranked third at 2.2377. Coach Brian Seminara’s millionaires follow only first Monson, with 7-0-0 and a 2.7976 rating, and 7-1-0 Palmer with a 2.5148 rating.

Just behind Lenox is 7-0-1 Drury in fourth position. The Blue Devils’ rating was 1.5070 as of the September 29 deadline. Mount Greylock is eighth in the opening standings among 83 teams in the State’s Division V with a score of 1.0590 and a 5-2-0 record. Mount Everett, at 3-2-2, is 12th.

Ranked 14th is McCann Tech 4-0-1 with odds of 0.6661. Lee is 30th and would compete in the 32-team tournament. Hoosac Valley is ranked 38 and Taconic is 48, and they wouldn’t make it.

In Division IV, Monument are the highest-rated Berkshire team, and the Spartans are eighth with a 2-2-4 record and a 0.7084 rating. Wahconah is 13th with a score of 1-4-0 and a score of 0.3817. Monument is the Western Mass team. highest rated in Division IV. Hampshire Regional, with a 2-4-2 record, is ranked ninth at 0.6959.

The No. 1 team in the field of Division IV’s 50 schools is 5-1-0 Hamilton-Wenham with odds of 2.2214. Littleton, at 8-0-0, is second at 2.0638. Third is Millbury at 6-2-0 with odds of 1.9144.

Pittsfield is the only Berkshire team in the 67-team Division III squad. The generals, 0-6-1, are ranked 48th. The best team in D-III is Belchertown with 8-0-0 and an odds of 3.9885. Foxborough, 7-1-1, is second at 3.1918 odds, while Hanover is third at 3.1038. Hanover is 6-2-0.


The latest team from Western Mass. to win a state title in the sport was Frontier in 2019. The Red Hawks are the No.3 team in the top-ranked Division V, behind premier Hopedale at 9-0 and a score of 2.3869 and Bourne at 8-2 and a score of 1.6064.

Berkshire County’s best team in DV, from the first scoring, is 8-0 Mount Greylock. The Mounties had an odds of 1.3497, just behind Frontier’s 1.4840. The Red Hawks were 6-3.

Behind Greylock was Lee, seventh. The Wildcats were on 6-1-1 with an odds of 0.9642.

Also in the ranking of the 80 teams in Division V, Lenox was 16th, Taconic 18th and Mount Everett 27th.

In Division IV, Monument is the Western Mass team. highest rated. The Spartans, 7-1, are fourth with an odds of 2.4771. The best team in Division IV’s 49 squadron peloton is Hamilton-Wenham with Lynnfield second. Both teams were 6-1, but Hamilton-Wenham’s odds are 3.0303, compared to Lynnfield’s 2.9941. Ipswich is third with a 6-2 record and an odds of 2.9442.

Wahconah slips to 26th place. The Warriors are 5-2 and 1.2889.

In the field of 56 teams in Division III, Pittsfield scores in 51st place. Dennis-Yarmouth, 7-0-1 with 3.2508 odds, is No.1 while Cardinal Spellman is second with 3.1905 odds and 7-0 record.

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