Lynch named NFL Players Association’s first brand ambassador


Former Bay Area running back and entrepreneur Marshawn Lynch will be the NFL Players Association’s first chief brand ambassador, the union said on Tuesday.

According to the NFLPA, Lynch “will work with union leaders to ensure its 2,000+ members get the most out of football, providing strategic support and information on the many programs, resources and revenue growth opportunities available. to the players “.

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said the addition of the five-time Pro Bowl selection “is a huge victory in continuing our mission as a full-service union for our men on and off. ground”.

According to the NFLPA release, Lynch will be spending her time helping athletes through events and social media, as well as helping them with potential business opportunities. After playing Cal, Lynch was one of the NFL’s most visible personalities for his playing on the court as well as his work with Skittles, Nike, Progressive and more. He has reached even higher heights as an entrepreneur since retiring from the NFL for good in 2019.

“I always try to make the most of my time and opportunities. Can you feel me? If you are successful in peewee, high school, college, and are lucky enough to call yourself an NFL player, you are able to create and participate in (a lot) of opportunity, but you have to understand. that you only have a short time in this university, then you have to maximize and put yourself in a position to play on and off the turf, ”Lynch said in a statement.

“By partnering with the NFLPA and working with De Smith, I can share my journey, pass on what I have experienced and seen, so players can see what is really there for them and tap into all the resources of their teams, communities and the PA have available. I want to put them in a position to be successful in all aspects of their lives, from building businesses based on their passions to, of course, taking care of their minds and stacking their chicken.

Lynch, 35, was selected by the Buffalo Bills with the No.12 pick in the 2007 NFL Draft in Cal. He played more than three seasons at Buffalo, then moved to the Seattle Seahawks and retired after the 2015 season. He retired in 2017 to play two seasons for the Raiders (2017-18) and three games. – one in the regular season, two in the playoffs – with the Seahawks (2019).

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