Lack of experience is not a problem


Alabama football shouldn’t worry about inexperience

Experience counts in college football. More often than not, teams filled with upper class students rise above the others on a grueling journey to college football playoffs. For Alabama football, that’s a non-factor.

Alabama has seen a lot of talent come and go during the Nick Saban era, but nothing compares to losing everyone from the 2020 squad. Alabama will have a new quarterback, a running back , two receivers, three offensive linemen, a linebacker, a defensive tackle and a starting corner for the Tide. The starters were also elites in college, so the production just won’t be the same.

Still, Alabama football doesn’t have to worry about experience. It is because of several things. First of all, Alabama’s training program is the best in the country. Players work harder in training than in games. From a physical standpoint, they should be more than ready in 2021.

Also, Alabama is recruiting the best players. There are nuances in the way the Tides recruit, but they plan ahead when they’ll need a starter for a specific job. This is how the Tide almost always has graduate students ready to start. When that happens, Alabama brings in players who have experience preparing SEC teams for training, and they should be ready to take over when their time is right.

Also, it helps when you are already recruiting top talent. Many players need at least two years to prepare to play college football at a high level. If you’re good enough to play for Alabama football, you’ve already got a pretty high floor. There is room for growth, but you shouldn’t be a handicap as a freshman. Ask Malachi Moore or Will Anderson.

The other big reason Alabama shouldn’t worry about the experience is that many players get reps before they start. When Alabama wins breakout games, they give the second team an opportunity. It may not seem like much at the moment, but it helps build awareness and confidence before they become starters for the Crimson Tide. After all, Bryce Young took some snaps in the National Championship game before he became an official starter.

There will be plenty of new faces for Alabama football, but that doesn’t mean the Crimson Tide need to worry about inexperience.


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