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IOWA CITY – Man, is the college football season going by fast.

Here we are, already in the last game at Kinnick Stadium this season. Iowa’s No.14 hosts Illinois at 1 p.m. on FS1. Sixteen senior Hawkeyes will be honored in a pre-game ceremony.

Hawk Central will have you covered from pre-game to post-game, with writers Kennington smith, Chad Leistikow and Dargan Southard live inside the Kinnick Stadium. Photographers Joseph Cresson and Bryon Houlgrave are also in Iowa City.

Follow here for live updates, analysis and commentary throughout the day.

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13: 33 / 4Q – That offense, yuck

The Hawkeyes have 90 yards on their last seven possessions. Four of those records didn’t even cover the length of a first down. Another good punt, however, once again supported Illinois. The Iowa defense will have to shut it down.

FIN 3Q – Iowa 20, Illinois 16

Iowa’s offense still doesn’t do much, but their punt coverage and defense have been solid throughout. Illinois are supported again as we begin the fourth quarter, facing the second from their own 6-yard line.

2: 46 / 3Q – Iowa 20, Illinois 16

A 44-yard completion to Casey Washington set up Illinois’ third field goal of the day. Scoring training covers 5 games, 45 yards, 1h55 of elapsed time. Riley Moss was beaten on the deep ball, but a nice recovery from the Iowa defense to force the three.

4:41 / 3Q – The Hawkeyes drive through Illinois Territory, then hit a wall.

A 17-yard pass to Arland Bruce pushed the Hawkeyes past midfield, but the next three games combine to drop two yards. Tory Taylor’s punt goes into the end zone for a touchback. Illinois will have the first and 10 of 20 when we return.

7: 01 / 3Q – Iowa defense grows stronger

Brandon Peters had nowhere to go and nowhere to throw on that final ride, as Joe Evans finishes things off with a sack deep in Illinois territory. Short return for Charlie Jones, who puts the Hawkeyes at the 32-yard line. Time out in the field.

9: 12 / 3Q – Iowa 20, Illinois 13

The Hawkeyes chew nearly six minutes to open the third quarter, moving into Illinois territory before spitting just outside the red zone. Caleb Shudak cleans up the mess with a 48-yard field goal. It is 2 for 3 today. The score reader goes on to 11 games, 42 yards, 5:48 hours elapsed.

DEMI – Iowa 17, Illinois 13

Ten combined games were played in a last minute that just didn’t end. Either way, Iowa will kick the ball off the break with a chance to come back two scores.

Notable Iowa stat lines: Alex Padilla is 5-for-9 for 66 yards, with Arland Bruce as the main receiver (1 catch for 28 yards). Tyler Goodson has 12 carries for 61 yards, but Bruce and Gavin Williams both have over 20 rushing yards as well.

0: 38 / 2Q – Iowa is doing nothing with INT.

Three and out, then Caleb Shudak narrowly came in on a 56-yard field goal attempt.

0: 55 / 2Q – A big catch from Dane B.

Dane Belton has his fifth interception of the season, grabbing one just past the midfielder. Maybe Illinois should have gone halfway. Iowa’s first two games, however, gained two yards. Iowa calls the timeout before the 3rd and 8th Illinois 39.

3: 13 / 1Q – Iowa 17, Illinois 13

The Iowa defense recovers after the two long wins to force a field goal from James McCourt. He hits again, this one from 45. Considering the over / under was around 38.5 points overall, this is essentially a shootout.

5: 00 / 2Q – Brandon Peters is still exhibiting Iowa’s secondary injuries.

Back-to-back long wins saw Illinois knock on the door for more points. A 20-yard tie-in to Donny Navarro, then another 20-yard gain to Isaiah Williams keeps the Illini on the move.

7:00 am / 2Q – Iowa 17, Illinois 10

A questionable third-down call draws some moans from the crowd, as Gavin Williams runs for minimal gain over the 3rd and 12th. Caleb Shudak rewards the call of conservative play with a field goal of 51 yards. The scoring player goes 11 games, 58 yards, 6:26 elapsed time.

2:08 PM – Iowa 14, Illinois 10

Arland Bruce rewarded for big catch with a 2-yard TD on third down. Bruce met the defender at the goal line and trucked him in for the score. The Iowa offensive shows a pulse.

FIN 1Q – Illinois 10, Iowa 7

A spectacular capture by Arland Bruce IV along the sideline will put Iowa in first place and 10 on the Illinois 8-yard line when we return. Great fit with the ball in the air and just a foot in it.

3: 05 / 1Q – Illinois 10, Iowa 7

Charlie Jones saves the day to fend off Iowa in a score. A 100-yard return-kick TD saw Jones rush to the left and then move up the sideline at home with several Illinois defensemen chasing desperately. Hawkeyes gets a big boost with what ties the school record for longest kick return.

3: 20 / 1Q – Illinois 10, Iowa 0

The Iowa defense limits damage as much as it can, limiting Illinois to a 46-yard field goal from James McCourt. A slight victory in the midst of a terrible start for the Hawkeyes. The scoring player goes 4 games, 0 yards, elapsed time 1:21.

4: 41 / 1Q – A promising record spits out, then disaster.

Iowa’s opening practice was going well but hit a wall just inside Illinois territory. The Hawkeyes went for a more territory punt, but the snap ended up under Tory Taylor, for a team run of under-29. Illinois is again almost in the red zone.

8: 37 / 1Q – Illinois 7, Iowa 0

Brandon Peters cut Iowa in opening practice, going 6 for 7 for 68 yards and a 13-yard pass for Luke Ford. 12 games, 75 yards, 6:23 elapsed time on the scoring disc. Iowa’s thin secondary test fails

1Q – We are in progress

Illinois starts with the ball after Iowa wins the tos and postpones. Illini has a good opening drive, now deeper into the Hawkeyes’ territory at the 28-yard line. Iowa spent most of that training in their base defense, with Quinn Schulte coming in third and long. Illinois again moves that stick and has it at Iowa 16.

12:37 p.m. – Alex Padilla is Iowa’s starting quarterback today.

A QB controversy that really wasn’t a controversy at all has apparently been decided. Alex Padilla ran with the 1s before the game and has just been announced as the starting QB on the jumbotron. Padilla will make his second straight start and his third consecutive long appearance. Spencer Petras is active and today’s backup QB.

12:36 p.m. – Illinois also faces defensive losses

12:28 – The hits are linked

Starting security Jack Koerner is also absent, according to Iowa Radio. These are two key side pieces missing from today’s game. Offensive lineman Mason Richman is also out for today.

As a result, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Iowa spending much of the day in their basic defense. That would put Kaevon Merriweather and Dane Belton as safeties, with Jestin Jacobs joining Seth Benson and Jack Campbell as linebacker. That’s what Iowa showed in the first part of their team’s defense warm-up.

11:51 am – Iowa high school takes a hit today

Looks like Iowa will be without cornerback Matt Hankins, who is sweating as the Hawkeyes go through pre-game warm-ups. Kirk Ferentz also ruled out Terry Roberts earlier in the week, which means today’s starting corners are likely Riley Moss and Jermari Harris.

Dargan Southard covers Iowa and UNI athletics, recruiting and preparations for the Des Moines Register, and the Iowa City Press-Citizen. Email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter at @Dargan_Southard.


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