How Madden Became Football’s Biggest Name


Kids today – here is the old man’s rant – can learn real football terminology and play real football in ways they never imagined 30 years ago. And it’s not just for us sweatpant nerds who want to avoid real exertion or real exercise. Players can also take advantage of it.

Carr was in his third season in Houston when he used the PC version of Madden to grab the entire Texans offensive playbook into the game and pitch virtual routes to his guys.

“I probably did about 1,000 reps with our offense before I even got to training camp,” Carr said.

That season, Carr threw for a career-high 3,531 passing yards and 16 touchdowns. Probably his best season as a pro.

“I’m not saying it was exactly Madden. Obviously.

“But I had so many reps sitting at my desk, instead of just sitting there doing nothing. It had prepared me well.”

It not only helped prepare David for a season for the NFL. The Madden franchise actually landed the Raiders their franchise quarterback.

“I don’t know if Derek would have been so drawn to [football] if it hadn’t been for Madden, ”David revealed. “He’s a good enough athlete that he could have played something else. But because of Madden, it became our connection. We bonded, he got into football because of Madden. “

It makes sense. David and Derek were born 12 years apart, so it’s not like they both go out into the garden and throw pigskin all over the place. There is no video of the boys running around playing soccer in their tough years like the Manning brothers. (Although, in all fairness, the Manning’s entire life was their tough years.) David was in Fresno State by the time Derek was old enough to know what football was like. (See what young Derek looks like the day David was drafted in the 2002 NFL Draft.)

But the two brothers could face each other in Madden. And these were serious fights. There was no way a preteen could compete with his brother who played professional football. Not unless you’ve leveled the playing field on a TV screen.

“As far back as I can remember, I started playing Super Nintendo with my brothers,” Derek said. “We used to really want it.”

Great story, Derek. But how important has the game been to your development as a football player?

“It helped a lot, to be honest,” Derek said. “I wasn’t over there mashing buttons or looking for the open guy. I was literally trying to use movement to figure out covers and things like that. I was always trying to do 30 for 30 with my quarterback making good decisions. He helped me compete while getting my feet up in the air. “

There it is. Madden coached his last game with the Raiders in 1978 – and yet he played a direct role in preparing the team’s current quarterback.

So, yeah, that would make him the biggest name. In. The. Game.

“The name Madden is now synonymous with football and the video game that bears its name,” said Cole. “It’s his lasting legacy. Like Coke is at cola. The name Madden means NFL video game. I’m not even sure players entering the league today even remember that he was an announcer. let alone a trainer It’s his stamina Like how Jordan is now considered a shoe mogul and not the greatest basketball player of all time.

Or maybe even a crying meme. But Scott’s point is the truth. Madden’s name is not only the biggest name in football today, its legacy will live on. He’s going to survive with the next generation of kids who want to be closer to the game.


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