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November 30, 2021

GFA BOV Gozo Football League Division I (MD 8) Gozo Stadium

Victoria hotspurs fc : 5

Sannat Lions FC : 2

8 ‘(1-0) Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes

14 ‘(2-0) Robinson Blandon Rendon

16 ‘(2-1) Nebojsa Biculjevic

68 ‘(3-1) Christian Vella

79 ‘(4-1) Kakra Boayke-Mensa

82 ‘(5-1) Andrea Debrincat

88 ‘(5-2) Henry Fabian Solis

Victoria H:

D. Spiteri, E. Serrano Valero, C. Vella (J. Azzopardi), A. Debrincat, K. Boakye-Mensa (S. Bajada), J. Pace, OG Fernandes, J. Tabone, E. Xiberras (D. Hili), O. Cremona (C. Cardona), R. Blandon Rendon.

Sannat L:

L. Xuereb, A. Sultana, LB Da Silva, HF Solis, D. Borg, MM Uzor, M. Mifsud (H. Muscat), N. Biculjevic, A. Azzopardi, R. Grech, FJ Xuereb.

Victoria Hotspurs got three earned runs thanks to a convincing victory over the Sannat Lions in Game 1 of the second round for both teams. It was an important game for Victoria and Sannat. The latter aimed to defend their three-point lead over the Hotspurs, while the Hotspurs were determined to start the second round with a win and reach the same Sannat at a more comfortable position in the middle of the table. However, the Hotspurs were more offensive throughout the game and could have reassured themselves earlier.

The Hotspurs paved the way for victory scoring two goals in the first part of the game but had to wait until the last phase of the game to secure the victory by scoring three more. Sannat struggled to resist Victoria’s territorial supremacy and conceded plenty of scoring opportunities to his opponents. On the other hand, they were weak in attack and they rarely came close to regain the deficit. As a result, the game was entertaining with spectacular goals and various scoring opportunities.


The Hotspurs were more offensive from the start of the game but Sannat was not demoralized and remained in contention for a positive result until the end of the first half.

8 ‘(1-0) Victoria Hotspurs opened the scoring when Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes entered Sannt’s box with personal action and after exchanging the ball with Andrea Debrincat so that he came face to face with the goalkeeper and concluded easily in the goal from a short distance.

12 ‘The Hotspurs were dangerous again on a shot from Boakye-Mensa that finished high.

14 ‘(2-0) Victoria doubled the score when they won a free kick at an angle just outside the box and Robinson blandon rendon shot into the goal straight from the set piece with a spectacular shot.

16 ‘(2-1) Sannat managed to reopen the game with a goal that arrived thanks to an initiative from Nebojsa Biculjevic who went outside Victoria’s box with personal action and surprised the goalkeeper with a beautiful shot that ended in the top corner of the net.

19 Sannat reassures himself and proves himself to be dangerous again on a strike from Ryan Grech from outside the area, following a corner that ends up close.

29 ‘The Hotspurs could have regained a two-goal lead but a close header by Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes who got a deflection from the defense for a corner and from the same corner a low shot from the same Fedrnandes was neutralized in two attempts by goalkeeper Lorjean Xuereb.

36 ‘Sannat replied with a shot from outside the area of ​​Aaron Azzopardi which was easily saved by keeper Daniel Spiteri.

38 ‘Victoria could have capitalized better but Boakye-Mensa concluded badly when he was just outside the box without any pressure from the opponents.

41 ‘Sannat goalkeeper Lorjean Xuereb was well placed to save a low shot from outside the area of ​​Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes.

42 ‘The same goalkeeper is called in to make a good save on a low shot from Andrea Debrincat.

45 + 1 ‘The Hotspurs missed another opportunity to restore the two-goal lead but Andrea Debrincat hit badly when he was in an ideal position for the defense to block the attempt and ward off the danger in a corner.

HT (VH 2 – SL 1)

Second part

The Hotspurs continued to dictate from the start of the second half, although in the early stages they struggled to create good scoring opportunities.

17 ‘Sannat almost surprised the Hotspurs when the defense cleared badly inside their area but Matthias Michael Uzor finished on the ground following pressure from the goalkeeper and a defender for the striker to miss the opportunity to conclude towards the goal at short distance, amid protests for a penalty.

23 ‘(3-1) The Hotspurs scored their third goal which came thanks to an acrobatic first timekeeper by Christian Vella from outside the area following a clearance from the Sannat goalkeeper on a corner.

30 ‘Victoria could have added another goal when Boakye-Mensa entered Sannat’s territory with a personal action but her low shot ended up wide.

31 ‘Sannat was dangerous but a header from Matthias Michael Uzor on a free kick from Aaron Azzopardi ended high.

34 ‘(4-1) The Hotspurs practically ensured the victory when Olimpio Gabriel Fernandes made a cross towards the mouth of the left flank and Kakra Boakye-Mensa head into the net at close range.

37 ‘(5-1) Victoria scored the fifth goal when Andrea Debrincat received the ball inside Sannat’s area from substitute Damon Hili and set in goal with a low shot to the far post.

42 ‘Sannat goalkeeper Lorjean Xuereb was well placed to block a point blank attempt by Robinson Blandon Rendon

43 ‘(5-2) Sannat reduced the deficit when Henry fabian solis picked up the ball in Victoria’s defense intercepting a back pass, turned the goalie around and placed himself easily into an open goal.

44 ‘Victoria goalkeeper Daniel Spiteri prevented Sannat from scoring a third goal as he saved a good effort from Matthias Michael Uzor.

FT (VH 5 – SL 2)

Referee: Emmanuel Grech

11/30/2021 P W D THE F A pls
NADUR Y 7 6 1 0 26 3 19
GHAJNSIELEM 7 5 1 1 17 6 16
KERCEM A 7 5 0 2 18 17 15
XEWKIJA T 8 3 1 4 12 21 ten
VICTORIA H 8 2 2 4 12 13 8
SANNAT L 8 2 2 4 9 17 8
ORATORY Y 8 2 1 5 9 14 7
SK VICTORIA W 7 1 0 6 5 17 3


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