George Kittle of San Francisco 49ers says tight ends ‘does it all’, deserves respect


NASHVILLE, Tenn. –San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle believes it’s time to respect his position. That’s why he made a point of collecting 49 tight ends in the NFL for this week’s University Tight End.

The program, which Kittle is leading with Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and former tight end Greg Olsen, began Wednesday and will run through Friday in Nashville.

“It is 100% so,” Kittle told ESPN when asked if he was bothered by the way his position was undervalued. “I think TE is the most unique and diverse position. It’s the funniest position because it’s the only one on the pitch where you can do whatever a football player does. You run. en bloc, you turn pro, you run routes and catch football. We do it all! “

Kittle said his position deserves a bit more recognition, given that players like him, Kelce and others have become focal points for NFL offenses.

TEU’s Tight Ends Group was able to share trade secrets in hopes of collectively helping each other hone their playing skills. The summit offered field workouts, film study sessions and some evening activities.

“I strongly believe that you surround yourself with good people who get the best of you. We share our strategy with the guys. Our mindset, the way you approach the game. It’s all for the tight end position. to take a step forward. I’m so glad we have such a great group of guys, ”Kittle said.


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