Former NFL player puts back his soccer pads for a fire suit



He fulfilled his dream of playing in the NFL and now Nate Allen is working towards a new goal; become a firefighter.

North Collier Fire says he did it mostly incognito. They say when he set up the fire academy he introduced himself and said he had participated in some organized sports in the past.

For Allen, becoming a firefighter means being able to really make an impact on the community and save lives instead of entertaining.

“It’s almost like the world of sports, you know,” Allen said.

Firefighters working as a team reminded Allen of his old career and his home. “I grew up here, I was born and I grew up. So it just feels right to give back to the community and serve my community in this way. “

Allen said he plans to attack every fire and every day just like he attacked the football field. “We might not be fighting crazy fires every day, but whether it’s answering medical calls, helping the elderly, whatever the situation, yes, I plan to give it my all. 100% every day and come with a heart full of loving every day. “

And this is no big job for the former football player.

North Collier Deputy Fire Chief Michael Jimenez said: “Nate is doing really well, you can tell his work experience has progressed and has crept into the course he took.”

Jimenez said Allen is a natural leader. “We gave him a leadership role as soon as he arrived because he has this experience. He has that team aspect that he brings.

And he is a role model for his children. “They have a little fire dog mascot, and they keep talking about the dog all the time. So they are probably looking forward to this with more anticipation than when I was playing football, ”Allen said.

Allen may have found a new playing field where every game really matters. “I’m working for something even bigger than what I was with football. In this, you save lives. So it’s even more important. “

Allen will complete his final day of training on December 16.

If all goes well, he will pass the state exam and other written tests before officially becoming a firefighter.


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