Former NFL player charged with assault in Pierce County


Former New York Jets and University of Washington tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins had been charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend in Pierce County.

Former New York Jets and University of Washington tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins had been charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend in Pierce County.


A former NFL player is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend in Pierce County and threatening to kill a former friend.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, 29, was charged Monday with fourth-degree assault, stalking and interfering with the reporting of domestic violence. In the other case, he was charged with two counts of criminal harassment.

Seferian-Jenkins was to be arraigned Monday afternoon.

Prosecutors are asking for $50,000 bail, arguing the former soccer player poses a safety risk to his ex-girlfriend and the community. They also pointed to his 2020 DUI in Gig Harbor.

“Given that the defendant is currently under judicial conditions for a deferred prosecution for impaired driving and yet he was in a bar when he called the victim in this case to pick him up, he has demonstrated that he was unwilling to comply with court orders,” the MP said. prosecutor Nicole Fensterbush wrote in court documents.

Seferian-Jenkins grew up in Gig Harbor, played for the University of Washington and was the 38th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. The tight end was taken by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who l released after a drunk driving arrest in 2016.

He also played for the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars, and in 2019 was signed by the New England Patriots but was later released.

The charging documents give this account of the assault and harassment:

Sheriff’s deputies received a report Friday night from a passerby who saw a man hit a woman in a parked car on Fox Island.

Shortly after, Seferian-Jenkins’ ex-girlfriend called 911 and told dispatchers that the former NFL player had assaulted her.

He was at a bar and called her to take her home.

“She felt bad, so she agreed to take him away,” the records say.

As they were driving, Seferian-Jenkins got angry and allegedly punched the woman in the chest. She stopped and demanded that he get out of his car. When he refused, she grabbed her cell phone to call 911, but Seferian-Jenkins “continued to hit her, then the fish snagged her mouth,” prosecutors wrote in the charging documents. “He then told her that he would kill her, her son and her ex-boyfriend repeatedly.”

Another person pulled over to help, and Seferian-Jenkins and his ex-girlfriend got out of his car. Once Seferian-Jenkins was distracted, the woman got back into her vehicle and drove off.

He allegedly called her several times after the incident, but she did not pick up the phone. Deputies were told during the interview with the woman that Seferian-Jenkins was at the woman’s house, so they called him. He agreed to meet them at a US post office to be taken into custody.

Deputies noted that the victim was bleeding from the mouth, had a swollen bruise on his collarbone and a scratch on his forearm.

The investigation into the domestic violence incident is ongoing.

In a separate July case that was also charged on Monday, Seferian-Jenkins allegedly threatened to kill an old friend and the friend’s 81-year-old mother.

The friend said he and his mother were driving home when they passed Seferian-Jenkins walking down the road. When Seferian-Jenkins turned on his former friend, the friend stopped to ask what was wrong.

Prosecutors say “…the defendant started screaming that he was going to kill (the man) and (his mother), and that he was going to come to their house and kill them,” the records say.

The friend left and called 911 to report the threats, which spooked the elderly woman, who described Seferian-Jenkins as “fat” and “violent”.

Seferian-Jenkins is also accused of showing up at the friend’s house in the middle of the night, knocking on the door and demanding a ride.

When he again shouted threats and knocked the man down in August, the former friend again called 911.

The man ‘informed law enforcement that he viewed the defendant as a threat to him and his property and wanted it on record that if the defendant showed up at his home he was going to shoot him’ , say the archives.

Seferian-Jenkins’ history with drug addiction dates back to at least March 2013, when he was playing football at the University of Washington.

That year, he pleaded guilty to a drunk driving charge and was sentenced to one day in jail. He was also ordered to install an ignition interlock on his vehicle.

He was arrested again in September 2016 for DUI in Florida. Highway Patrol said Seferian-Jenkins was driving 75 to 80 mph in a 55 mph zone and cut off a trooper while changing lanes incorrectly, according to

The Buccaneers released Seferian-Jenkins after this incident even though he had only played two games.

His third impaired driving arrest came in March 2020 after police spotted him driving erratically in Gig Harbor, speeding in a 30 mph zone and driving nearly onto a freeway off-ramp.

Seferian-Jenkins told last year that he quit drinking.

This story was originally published January 31, 2022 2:15 p.m.

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