Former KU footballer dies in domestic violence incident


LAWRENCE, Kan. – The Lawrence Police Department continues to investigate death of Regan Gibbs, 25, former University of Kansas football player.

According to the police, domestic violence is considered a contributing factor.

LPD was called to an apartment complex near 6th Street on Monday evening, identifying Chad Joseph Marek as a suspect.

“Domestic violence is about power and control,” said Megan Stuke, executive director of the Willow Domestic Violence Centermentioned.

The center is a key resource for those with unhealthy family relationships in the Lawrence community. LPD says it’s an uphill battle for those who want to help others in need.

“It’s very difficult as a family member or friend to get someone out of this situation,” LPD leader Rick Lockhart said.

The Willow says it has seen an increase in domestic violence calls in recent years, and they are affecting all demographics.

“DV happens to people from all walks of life, of all ages, it’s not just about the poor, it’s not about drugs and alcohol, it’s about power and control,” said Stuke.

According to Stuke, the center has active outreach with KU.

“Those 30 and under don’t see themselves in a demographic that’s getting services, it’s an extra layer of support they need to know we’re there for them too,” Stuke said.

The Lockhart department is even more aware of domestic violence calls and incidents when working in a college town.

“As a police department, knowing that when we respond to these calls, we also need to be aware of that, knowing that our middle school kids may not have the family support that they have at home,” he said. -he declares.

Community resources like the Willow say they need to educate and inform to avoid more tragic outcomes.

“DV isn’t always about bruising and violence and even screaming, it can be a lot of different and more subtle things,” Stuke said.

KU head football coach Mark Francis released a statement regarding Gibbs’ death:

“Our football program is heartbroken to learn of the tragic loss of Regan. She was a wonderful teammate and young woman, and touched so many during her time at Kansas. Regan will always be remembered for the impact that she has had on and off the pitch. We share our condolences with her family, friends and teammates at this difficult time.

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