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Saturday March 5: The parents of Katie Meyer, the Stanford soccer star whose death shocked and appalled her classmates and the sports world, said yesterday (March 4) they were struggling to find out what happened to their daughter and why she committed suicide. in a dorm on Tuesday a few months before she graduates.

Steve and Gina Meyer made a touching appearance on ‘Today’ and said the only clue they had was an email Katie received saying she was in trouble.

“Katie, being Katie, was defending a teammate on campus following an incident and the repercussions of her defending that teammate (possibly resulting in disciplinary action),” Steve Meyer said.

Katie had been receiving letters for months about a “trial,” and the final email was the university’s final decision, Gina Meyer said.

Steve and Gina said they had not seen the email and did not elaborate on the situation with Katie’s teammate.

“It’s the only thing we can find that could have triggered something,” Gina Meyer said.

Steve and Gina said they spoke with Katie hours before she died. She had a lot to do, but she was happy and in good spirits, Gina Meyer said.

“The usual jolly Katie,” Steve Meyer said.

Katie, 22, an international relations graduate, was a captain and goalkeeper for Stanford women’s soccer. Between school and sports, she faced a lot of pressure, Gina said.

“There’s anxiety and stress to be perfect, to be the best, to be No. 1,” Gina Meyer said.

Gina and Steve Meyer said they are speaking out so other parents don’t suffer the same tragedy.

“The last two days are a parent’s worst nightmare,” Gina said. “And you don’t wake up, so it’s just awful.”

Gina Meyer wore a sweater that Katie wore in one of her last social media posts. “It smells like Katie…and I want to be close to her,” Gina Meyer said.

Friday, March 4: Katie Meyer, the star Stanford football player whose death sent shockwaves through campus, has died by suicide, the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner announced yesterday (March 3).

Meyer, 22, was a captain and goalie for Stanford women’s soccer. She was found in the dorm where she was a resident assistant on Tuesday, and the university identified her on Wednesday.

The coroner said in a statement that Meyer’s death was self-inflicted and there was no foul play. Further details have not been released.

Meyer, a senior majoring in international relations, is at least the third Stanford student to die by suicide in the past 13 months. Medical student Rose Wong, 25, died in her dorm on Feb. 2, 2021. Undergraduate student Jacob Meisel, 23, was killed by a train in Palo Alto on Aug. 2. And law student Dylan Simmons, 27, was found dead in his dorm on January 20. Simmons’ cause of death has not been disclosed.

Hundreds of students gathered on the soccer field Wednesday to mourn Meyer. She was remembered as a confident and energetic leader and advocate for women’s sport.

Wednesday March 2: Katie Meyer, goalkeeper and captain of the Stanford women’s soccer team, died in her dorm yesterday (March 1), the university announced. She was 22 years old.

The university has not disclosed the circumstances surrounding his death or the cause.

Meyer, an international relations major, was “extraordinarily committed to everything and everyone in her world,” said Susie Brubaker-Cole, vice provost for student affairs.

“Her friends describe her as a larger-than-life team player in all of her endeavors,” Brubaker-Cole wrote. “Katie was a shining light to so many on the court and in our community.”

Meyer made two key saves in a penalty shootout against North Carolina to help Stanford win its third NCAA Women’s Soccer Championship of 2019.

The saves, and his fiery celebration afterwards, aired on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” that night.

Meyer attended Newbury Park High School, where she also played football and kicked for the football team.

Meyer is survived by his parents, Steven and Gina Meyer, and his sisters, Samantha and Siena.

Meyer was a resident assistant in her dorm.

Brubaker-Cole said the university offers counseling in its residence and for student athletes. Details on opportunities to remember her as a community will be released later.

Tuesday, March 1: A Stanford undergraduate student has been found dead in an on-campus residence hall, the university announced today (March 1).

Details of who the student was or how he died were not included in a notice from Susie Brubaker-Cole, the vice president of student affairs.

Police said there was no ongoing threat.

The university is reaching out to the student’s friends and families for support, Brubaker-Cole said.

“We are all heartbroken by this immense tragedy,” Brubaker-Cole said. “As more information becomes available, we will share it with you.”

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