Fantasy Football Usage Report: Latest Player Trends for 2022 NFL Divisional Round DFS Betting and Player Fixtures | NFL and NCAA betting picks


Volume is king in fantasy football, and this report will help you understand which players are due more or less depending on their roles. It’s a great way to see who’s outperforming and underperforming based on historical data tied to metrics we know drive volume.

For the NFL playoffs, I will provide an abbreviated version of the usage report focusing on running backs, receivers and tight ends. Rather than detailing everything for each team, I will highlight trends and significant changes.

  • Running back: Which backs handle early downs, shorts and passes
  • Tight ends: Who runs enough routes and reaches the critical thresholds of goals per route
  • Receivers: Which receivers run the most routes and operate broadly within the offense

Below are the main points to remember by position of the joker games.

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Data Notes and Acronyms:

  • 1st/2nd = first and second attempts
  • DDL = long down and distance (third and fourth down with three or more yards to go)
  • SDDS = short down and distance (second, third and fourth down with two yards or less to go)
  • i5 = inside the five meter line
    2MIN = two-minute offense (hurry offense)
  • Close = score in the three points
  • Lead = leading by four points or more
  • Trail = four or more points behind
  • Play = penalties included for allocations and usage rates
  • Pass-game = all dropouts (i.e. attempts, sacks, and shoves)
  • ADOT= average target depth
  • Air courses = ADOT times goals
  • TT = average time to launch
  • PA = play action
  • AP targets = percentage of player’s targets that came using game action
  • Fancy finishes = until Sunday night game
  • YPRR = yards per course traveled
  • TPRR = objectives per route traveled
  • EZ = end zone
  • HIGH = moment of possession
  • Pass vs. Run Splits = based on the percentage of time a team throws or spends
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Running backs

Single diviner eclipsed the 75% snap threshold for the third consecutive game and recorded 94 all-purpose yards on 19 touches. The Buffalo running back ranks fourth among his peers in forced missed tackles per attempt (0.24) this season and is one of the few guards on every try remaining in playoff contention.

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