Eurocup. The European Football Association (UEFA) threatened the UK with withdrawing the final


For the UK to maintain the semi-finals and Euro 2020 Grand Final, you will need to allow access to 2500 VIP without them needing to perform 10 days of quarantine الحجر after entering the country, as is compulsory on British territory; all that for UEFA’s request.

according to him Diario timesBritish ministers are already coordinating with authorities for VIP entry, in order to reassure UEFA and therefore Stop the threats.

Remember that London He lost the Champions League final For the same reason, why they had to Transferred to Portugal. There is no doubt the UK doesn’t want the same to happen, which is why They will be subjected to the stress of the organism.

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For the elimination step, the ability to Wembley will increase its capacity by 50% This is something that satisfies UEFA, even though it is aware that the visiting public must Negative input test.

“At the moment, we are in talks with the local authorities to try. Let the fans Participating teams attend matches using a strict concept Test and bubble that may signify your stay in the UK “It will be less than 24 hours and their travel will be limited to transfers and approved venues only,” UEFA said in a statement.

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