DFW couple travel to England for canceled football match


Brandi and Ken Saxton traveled 4,600 miles to see their favorite English Premier League team play in England

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Traveling to see an English Premier League football team can be a bit of a pilgrimage for American fans.

Waxahachie’s Brandi and Ken Saxton last saw their favorite club, Tottenham Hotspur, play in 2019, and this week they made the 31-hour, 4,600-mile journey by train, plane and car to see them at the ‘an away game at Burnley.

“The way everyone interacts, it’s very contagious, very contagious,” Brandi said.

“Burnley was on the register the day after we arrived,” Ken said. “I was like, ‘You know the days away are almost as fun if not more fun than the real home games.'”

But a historic winter storm in the UK created blizzard conditions, with winds at nearly 100 mph and knocking down half of the region’s annual snowfall in a single day, according to government reports.

“It was pretty awesome, you know, big snowflakes. It would come down and then stack up pretty well for,” Ken said. “As an American sports fan, you know, you don’t really consider it. Baseball has trouble with rain and so on, but being a football fan and stuff is one of those things that you don’t really take into consideration.

The crews worked all day to clear the field, but despite the shoveling and the heated pipes below the surface, the snow did not stop and the game has been cancelled.

With European football, there are always rumors to accompany any drama. In this case, Burnley is without multiple incumbents and risks relegation due to his poor record.

“There are rumors and speculation on Twitter that Burnley did it on purpose and that they were literally watering the field in freezing temperatures,” Ken said.

“It was sad the game was called off, but driving through Burnley in the morning with the snow was breathtaking,” Brandi said.

The couple headed to a pub in town to watch games and eat and while he was there Spurs captain Harry Kane saw Ken’s tweet about the couple’s hike to watch the team play .

“When Harry retweeted us it definitely blew up, you know, a little crazier,” Brandi said.

The team and Kane have personally invited them to home games in London this Thursday and Sunday.

“He was asked, you know, that we show up and be a VIP guest at a game to represent that, and of course that’s exciting. You don’t say no to that,” Ken said.

What started as a failed trip has turned into an unforgettable pilgrimage with the help of Mother Nature.

“It’s really surreal. I think that’s a good way to put it, ”Ken said. “You never think something like this would happen.”


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