Country houses advantages and disadvantages


Country houses are generally designed for one family and can become a place of permanent residence or the area of summer and winter recreation for those who are not able to spend a holiday abroad. Times of spatial frills – “boxes” of 800 square meters – have been too frilly, in terms of architecture, the structure loses its appeal to the buyer.

Consumers often need practical home area of 150 to 350 square meters with a rational, ergonomic layout and attic. Standard offer includes an individual architectural project, which is created as part of the whole complex, involves the removal of no more than 30-50 km from the city, the presence of access roads, communications systems, developed infrastructure.

However, this distance is not always constant. For example, some cottage settlements are built within the city limits, which greatly facilitates the way and does not affect the environmental situation, as the place is carefully chosen: away from the big roads, in the forest zone. As a rule, it is a house located on a plot of 10 acres, where there is a built-in or attached garage.

Advantages of the cottage

First, attention is drawn to the individuality of the project, the opportunity to escape from the city and segregated in own possessions. At the neighbors in this case, we pay attention rare, especially a form of cottage settlements ensure the unity of the social environment. Secondly, the construction can be made to order in accordance with the stylistic taste of the house owner that retains its exclusivity, and thus the greater liquidity in the market. We should not forget that buying a house – it is a profitable investment, as the property prices are constantly increasing, and the demand for housing will never disappear. Thirdly, the role played by the proximity to nature, a better environment: the territory of cottage settlement – it is a safe and comfortable living environment, guarantee that next to the house suddenly an industrial facility will not appear. Fourth, in a detached house, each is his own man.

As a rule, modern cottage has 2-3 floors, its average area is just over 200 square meters, in which the economic and living areas are marked clearly. At the disposal of the owner of house there are adjoining land on which optionally can be a garden, build a pool and to create everything what the imagination will suffice. Often for a country house autonomous – boiler – heating is chosen and their own communications are laid: thus, its owner does not affect public crises (blackouts, water, heat and so on.).

Disadvantages of private houses

First of all, the construction of private homes is associated with serious costs to conduct utilities. But in cases where a cottage village is organized, the costs are much lower, being distributed among all owners. Remember: if you have chosen a plot of land, you may have to prepare all the documentation, and it will require much time and patience, which requires the registration of ownership of land and building contracts, coordination with different agencies plan development and implementation of communications, and much more. In the cottage village all of these issues are handled by the developer. Prepare yourself as you will have a lot of spending on content home space with an average area of 200-300 square meters.

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