Clinical negligence in the UK: the serious cases of the last decade

x-ray-1459448One of the most resonant clinical negligence cases in the UK was the error made by a nursing personnel of a Wiltshire hospital. A terrible mistake that was made has led to irreparable consequences for the patient. The nurse, Violetta Aylward, has mistakenly shut down lungs ventilation system of the patient. The accident took place in 2009 (but the details were revealed in 2012) and it was recorded by the CCTV camera installed in the room.

In 2002 a 37-year-old Jamie Merrett, fell into a heavy car accident, the result of which was paralysation of the body. He lived at home, connected to a life support system. He retained the clarity of mind, was able to speak, used wheelchair and operated various devices using voice recognition commands.

However, after a 21 minute of disconnection from the system, an irreparable blow was delivered to his brain. His sister, Curran Reynolds, says, ‘now his life has changed. But, it is not the life he used to live. He was a smart man, you could have talked to him for hours, but now his mind has become primitive’. The tragic accident happened in January, 2009. Curran Reynolds did not wait till someone took responsibility – it all went complicated according to her and she decided to file a complaint. The agency, which is under contract with the public service health care provided nursing services for Mr. Reynolds, still supposedly investigating. Violetta Aylward, the nurse was suspended from work.

The case in Britain is not the first and, unfortunately, not the last, recollecting a fairly recently completed court settlement into the death in 2004 of 30-year-old Mayra Cabrera. She gave birth at the same hospital, where she worked as a nurse. The birth went well, but Cabrera put on a drip to normalise blood pressure. And the nurse injected her with a strong analgesic instead of saline, the drug, as it turned out, was ‘similar in appearance’. The hospital paid the fine, has pledged to label products better and conduct annual certifications in obstetricians. The compensation rates vary from case to case, but in general, competent legal assistance is the key towards a successful issue resolution. You may want to get contacts of decent medical negligence solicitors an aspiring UK legal startup aggregating law services at one place. Remember that there is an option when you pay no legal fees if the claim is successful – learn more about it in the article on the no win no fee agreement.

How is it going in the US?

Interesting stats: according to newspaper Chicago Tribune, in the United States starting from 1995 to 2000, no less than 1720 patients died in hospitals, and about 10,000 of patients were seriously injured through the fault of the nurses – because of their inaction or wrong action. In accordance with the publication, the main causes behind the issues are that nurses and nursing personnel are either poorly trained or overworked, or are not currently under the influence of drugs. A relatively infrequent punishment of nursing personnel is another factor CT underlines – they are rarely fired and in the worst case scenario move to another states, where they work in the same profession.