Christmas is a time to be thankful


The Ohio State football team may not be able to make a college football playoff game this year. Even so, Christmas is the time to be thankful for the type of season and the type of schedule the Buckeyes have. They still had a great season in 2021 by the standards of most other fans.

Having a team losing just two games this season and finishing in the top 6 in the country is always one hell of a season. Ohio State finished with the best offense in the country and one player was a finalist for Heisman. CJ Stroud has had a very good year.

Since it’s Christmas, we’re celebrating the good things that have happened this football season. The Buckeyes have found their future defensive coordinator in Jim Knowles. Even if something bad happened to make it happen, it still ended up being something good.

The Ohio State defense has struggled at times this season to play to its fullest. Despite that, they improved later in the year and even produced a shutout for the nation’s number seven team late in the season. The Buckeyes have had a good time even with their weakest unit.

The future also looks bright for this team. Now that Stroud has some experience as a starting quarterback, he should be even better next season. He shouldn’t have the early-season mistakes he made this season, especially in the game against Oregon.

Young defense is also expected to be better in 2022. Young defensive linemen like JT Tuimoloau, Jack Sawyer and Tyliek Williams are expected to have more playing time and become absolute stallions. All three have shown flashes of being very good players in 2021.

We have a lot to thank with this 2021 Ohio State football team this Christmas. Let’s not spoil it by being sad not to play for a national title. The Rose Bowl is always a great bowling alley.


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