Bryan Harsin, Tank Bigsby, Auburn’s Best SEC Media Days Football Quotes


AUBURN— SEC Media Days Came and went. They mostly provided a slight measure of entertainment. Sometimes, when we were lucky, we learned something.

Bryan Harsin, Auburn football coach and its players took their turn Thursday in Atlanta, helping to close out the week. Harsin also did a private interview session with local reporters. For an event called “media days”, there was a lot of dunking on the media, some better than others. Here are the 10 best Tigers quotes.

ten. “We’re going to make it work more.” – Tank Bigsby to run it more.

9. “We don’t have a ton of experience, really. No playing experience, no big-play experience and all that. So, yeah, the whole squad is like that.” – Harsin on Auburn receivers (and other position groups).

8. “I think it’s a little easier this year with Eric Kiesau. Because (him and Harsin) are on the same page.” – John Samuel Shenker on Auburn’s offense as Kiesau replaces Mike Bobo as coordinator.

seven. “What has changed the most – and for the better – from last year to this year is that we have leadership. And real leadership. Guys who hold guys accountable. Guys who give the lead by example and bring other guys with them. Guys who, sometimes when they need it, shut up, listen and let others lead.” – Harsin on team chemistry.

MEDIA DAYS:Bryan Harsin has united Auburn’s football locker room, but can he convince rookies before it’s too late?

GENERAL DIRECTOR:How an 18-year-old Dallas Cowboys scout who was raised on Tony Romo became Auburn’s first general manager of football

6. “You almost see a 50-year-old man running 20 bridges? You’re like, ‘When I’m 50, I want to be able to do this. “” – Bigsby on Harsin running from stadium bleachers with players.

5. “Right after the Iron Bowl, before the bowling game, I told my mom I was done. I was gone. I’m going to the league. I’m going to make it.” – Derick Hall how close he was to not returning for his senior season.

4. “The first team meeting was in the indoor facility with the swamp coolers 6 feet apart, everyone was wearing masks and no one could hear anything. And you’re trying to bring that energy and that enthusiasm, and it was a bad environment. And we had to meet in the commercial building, and there were a lot of things that didn’t allow us to come in right away and establish ourselves.” –Harsin on COVID-19 and apparently the acoustics inhibiting his culture building upon arriving at Auburn.

3. “Me leaving would be like running away from my problems. Then I just said to myself, if I run, I can’t run forever.” –Bigsby on staying at Auburn instead of transferring.

2. “It doesn’t come from the coaches we play with. It doesn’t come from the players we play with. It comes from the media. We don’t play with the media.” – Harsin on Auburn’s projected Vegas winning total (not projected by media) of 5.5.

1. “I know some of you looking at me weren’t expecting me to be here.” –Harsin’s opening statement to reporters on Auburn’s internal investigation.

Top unanswered question

How realistic are Robby Ashford’s chances in quarterback competition? There’s been a lot of talk about Zach Calzada this week. Bigsby praise. Some TJ Finley chatter too. But everyone apparently forgot about Auburn’s spring game.


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