Approach the Irish must take at QB to start the season


Notre Dame’s football schedule has talent as a quarterback, and here’s how Brian Kelly is expected to navigate it to start the 2021 season.

Over the past three seasons, the Notre Dame football team have picked Ian Book as their starting quarterback, and there have been plenty of returns. Book has led the Irish to two of college football’s last three qualifiers, but with him battling for a role with the New Orleans Saints, the most important position in the sport must be addressed.

This is where it gets interesting for the Irish, as they have some veteran talent, as well as a real freshman who looked great in the Blue-Gold Game. There’s also the fact that Notre Dame has huge talent coming up next year with Steve Angeli, so the positional group as a whole is in good shape.

For the 2021 season, the Irish are expected to tread lightly at quarterback, and Brian Kelly and his team are expected to start the summer with Jack Coan atop the depth chart. Coan has been extremely effective in Wisconsin, and doing it QB1 to start, with Drew Pyne pushing him, will make for the best possible competition this summer.

From there, Pyne or Coan should be the starter against Florida State, allowing Tyler Buchner to slow down and possibly use a red shirt season.

Notre Dame Football must be patient with Buchner

Despite his efforts in the Blue-Gold Game, the Irish have to be patient with Buchner as he did not play his final year of high school due to the pandemic. He learns on the fly and will benefit from the tutelage of Pyne and Coan in the first year.

With Coan leaving next year, Pyne would take on the starting role, but would then be pushed by Buchner and Angeli. This is a positive cycle for Kelly and his team and ensures that the Irish will be strong at quarterback for the foreseeable future.

Now, I’m not saying Pyne shouldn’t be spending the summer looking for the job and pushing Coan every day. If he does and wins the competition, he was a pretty good prospect to succeed with the Irish in 2021, but for a veteran team looking to move on from Book, Coan might be the safest game to start the 2021 campaign.


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