Altitude International announces a partnership with the largest network of youth soccer clubs in the world


PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida., March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Altitude International Holdings, Inc. (OTC: “ALTD”) announced that the March 7, 2022its wholly owned subsidiary, CMA Soccer LLC (“CMAS”), has signed a management consulting and licensing agreement with New York-based soccer giant Soccer Partners America, a Colorado non-profit corporation (“RUSH Soccer”).

RUSH Soccer is a nationally competitive youth soccer club that operates boys’ and girls’ teams internationally (the “RUSH Programs”) with proprietary methodology, documentation and training materials (the “RUSH Materials”). ), proprietary technologies and platforms (the “RUSH Technologies”), and a database of individuals (the “RUSH Database”).

Under the terms of the agreement, CMAS has agreed to administer, deliver and develop the RUSH programs for an initial term of 10 years, with further automatic renewals for two five-year terms. RUSH Soccer has granted CMAS an exclusive license to use the RUSH Soccer name, their logo, RUSH Materials, RUSH Technologies and RUSH Database in connection with the operation, marketing and exploitation of the Programs full time, school semester, school year and short term. weekly, junior, adult, professional and family soccer programs, with or without boarding school. ALTD believes CMAS’ deal with RUSH Soccer will significantly increase its football revenue and help improve margins.

ALTD and RUSH Soccer intend to jointly launch the Altitude Rush high performance soccer school within their national network of clubs. The partners plan to expand CMAS’ full-time programs by (i) significantly increasing the number of boys’ and girls’ teams over the next two years, (ii) increasing enrollment in major weekly camps throughout of the year, (iii) expanding the annual calendar of events, and (iv) driving more professional team activity to destination venues, regionally, nationally and globally.

ALTD resides on a 213-acre property in Port Saint Lucie which will now become RUSH Soccer’s new US headquarters. ALTD and RUSH Soccer believe that a destination venue with the availability of 1,000 beds for events and accommodation for long and short term stays for full-time and non-boarding students/athletes will be an impactful addition offering RUSH Soccer a basic international destination for the very first time.

Founder, CEO and President of RUSH Soccer, Timothy Schulz will join CMAS as President and current COO of RUSH Soccer, Justin Miller will join CMAS as COO.

“ALTD already has participants from some 40 nations, and we will immediately and dramatically increase that number,” Schulz said. “ALTD’s academic components offer and support student study abroad through visa programs for international students wishing to attend, which is another key element we can add to our offerings. partnering with ALTD and using all the financial and branding tools is exactly what we believe we need to quickly become a much-loved and well-known name at all levels of football.”

Chairman and CEO of ALTD Gregory Breunich concluded, “RUSH Soccer has built an incredible ecosystem that aims to improve young people through football. As one of the largest professional development systems in the world and with an ever-expanding global presence, RUSH Soccer is creating a unparalleled career path for its members Tim has meticulously built a program that is both scalable and sustainable for years to come and I am excited for the tremendous opportunities this partnership will create.

Please visit and to learn more about ALTD and RUSH Soccer.

On Football Partners America

Soccer Partners America, a Colorado non-profit (“RUSH Soccer”) is an international sports institution focused on the development of young soccer players. RUSH Soccer partners with over 100 clubs around the world and offers a comprehensive club development program that benefits over 45,000 players within the network. RUSH Soccer is the largest network of youth soccer clubs in the world and has helped produce over 90 top professional players, 25 national championships as well as countless national team players, 1st Divisions and many professional football clubs. Over the past 20 years, RUSH Soccer participants have received more than $100 million in university scholarships.

About Altitude International Holding, Inc.

Altitude International Holding, Inc. (“ALTD”) is a multidisciplinary holding company that combines performance-based education, sports, arts, science and technology revenue streams. ALTD’s multidisciplinary approach consists of self-contained, wholly-owned academies, wellness centers and manufacturing/assembly facilities. These operations represent best-in-class high performance methodologies/protocols for training, education and therapy environments; hypoxic training chambers, air-water machines, athletic training and educational facilities, and wellness initiatives.

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