Allen Robinson 2021 Fantasy Football Stats Projections


Chicago Bear (Photo by James Gilbert / Getty Images)

We all know the situation surrounding the Chicago Bears and Allen Robinson is a little murky at best. Robinson wanted a contract extension last year – didn’t get one. Reports were circulating that the two sides did not even speak to each other for most of the season. Could this be due to the uncertainty surrounding the 2021 salary cap? Perhaps. Could it be that Allen Robinson was demanding money from the top five? Perhaps.

Now Allen Robinson is playing on the franchise tag. A label he didn’t want to sign because he felt he deserved the security of a long-term contract and a bigger slice of the financial pie. However, after seeing how low the wide receiver market was for free agents during the last offseason, Robinson quickly changed his mind and signed his label. He even showed up for this week’s compulsory minicamp. He is not talking about his contract and is ready to focus on this season.

The point is, now that the salary cap is rumored to be set to rise again in 2022, the Chicago Bears would be wise to expand Allen Robinson and even use the extra salary cap space to sign a few more agents. free keys still on the market. . The future lies with Justin Fields and securing him a true WR1 should be an important part of that process.

Allen Robinson will be 28 this year and a four-year contract should not be ruled out. He might even prefer a three-year contract to try and secure one last big payday before he begins to see his game decline due to age. Either way, the Chicago Bears should make an effort to keep him around.


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