AIA publishes calendar for sports teams’ conference placements

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Here is the schedule for the next two-year sports block (2022-24) and the next football season (2022) on the conference of schools.

The Arizona Interscholastic Association has the timeline on its website,

Timeline of all sports except football:

October 1: Collection of registrations, sports participation figures, site survey open to members.

October 7: Deadline for sports participation, registration, survey.

October 12: Conferences 1A to 3A meet at the AIA office to define initial conference locations. At 4:00 p.m., AIA will publish conference camps for 1A to 6A for all sports except football.

October 19: Deadline to appeal conference placement.

October 21-25: Conference committees meet to review placements and define regions.

October 25: All updates on conference placement, regions posted online by AIA.

November 1: The deadline for conference and regional internships appeals to the AIA Board of Directors.

November 3-5: Conference committees review regional appeals.

November 15: Appeals heard.

November 16: Final conference and regional placements published by AIA.

23 Nov-Dec 14: Conference committees set the schedules for individual sports.

January 13-Feb. 24: The conference committees establish the timetables for team sports, with the exception of football.

March 8: Admins have access to all sports programming except 11-player football with the ability to make changes.

Football timeline:

December 14: Three days after the league games are over, football conferences meet to make the first conference placements for the 2022 season.

Dec 15 : Initial conference placements posted before 4 p.m.

December 21: Deadline to appeal the conference placement.

January 18: Football conference calls heard by the executive committee; football conferences finalized and uploaded.

January 25: Deadline to publish regional rosters for conferences.

February 8: Deadline for appealing regional placements to the Executive Council.

February 22: meeting of the board of directors; calls from the football region have been heard.

February 23 to March 11: Conference committees generate schedules.

March 17: display of the timetables for the 2022 football season.

March 21: Administrators have access to schedules with the ability to make changes.

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