Acorn Finance partners with Spring EQ for home improvement loans


SACRAMENTO, California., November 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Acorn Finance, the world’s leading integrated lending marketplace for home improvement finance, has partnered with Spring EQ, a specialty lending company focused on home equity solutions, to provide Spring EQ prequalified point-of-sale financing in the Acorn Finance marketplace.

This partnership expands Acorn Finance’s network of 10 lenders who bid to finance a homeowner’s projects, resulting in greater choice and lower rates for consumers, and increased income for contractors and other professionals. home renovation.

“We are excited to add Spring EQ to our growing home improvement finance market,” said Giri addanki, Founder and CEO of Acorn Finance. “Home equity products are a perfect match for the needs of our borrowers who are investing in their homes. This partnership is also an opportunity to expand our ability to help borrowers looking to finance larger projects by offering the best-selling point of sale loan solution for home repairs or renovations. ”

Unlike banks and other lenders, Spring EQ’s platform provides simple and convenient access to an owner’s home value and, when the need arises, provides a smart, fast, and cost-effective way to unlock this value and its goals. Home equity loans up to $ 500,000 can be funded in as little as 11 days, once client documentation is complete.

“We appreciate Acorn’s customer-centric model,” said Jerry Schiano, CEO of Spring EQ. “Acorn’s marketplace gives entrepreneurs a number of options to offer their clients, without the expense of other financing built into the sale. This gives Spring EQ the ability to help homeowners use their home equity to unlock new projects. “

About Acorn Finance
Acorn Finance is the world’s first integrated lending marketplace for home improvement finance, enabling borrowers, lenders, contractors and software vendors to achieve their goals. Borrowers can purchase the best rates from the best lenders, all in seconds and fewer clicks. Entrepreneurs can increase their sales by offering financing to clients at no additional cost to themselves. Home improvement software vendors can add value to contractors and improve homeowners’ shopping experience by integrating Acorn Finance’s solution into their quotes and invoices. Lenders can reach more homeowners while testing ideal rates for optimal engagement. For more information, visit

About Spring EQ
Spring EQ strives to fundamentally change and facilitate the way borrowers access home equity. Built by technologists, backed by credit industry veterans, Spring EQ was founded to transform home equity loans from a long and tedious paperwork-based process into a 21st century digital experience that customers can rely on. can access from anywhere, anytime. The company is headquartered at Philadelphia cream. For more information, visit

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