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through the 2021 BoB Bhutan Premier League, Paro FC striker Yeshi Dorji is the most successful Bhutan professional to score goals in league matches.

A forward who is only 19 years old to be a part of the national team Trongsa is well-known because of his endurance and speed, as well as for his dedication and strategy in the game.

From 2014 to 2018, Between 2014-2018,, he was part of the team for under-16s that was part of Druk Stars FC for three years under the supervision of Kota Nairygay as the coach. From 2018 to the year 2019 this team played under the name Ugyen Academy FC. The team was joined by Paro FC in 2020.

Through his entire career , he took part in numerous international and national tournaments.

Yeshi Dorji has scored 24 goals in the BoB Bhutan Premier League 2021

his role being an attacker midfielder Yeshi was among the most well-known players at his time at the Games of 2019 South Asian Games in Nepal that was held in Nepal and at the time that Bhutan won the silver medal in the U-23 soccer championship.

The first time he played in the tournament for the international team during the game against Guam during the World Cup qualifiers in June 2019. He was the first player of that national squad to be selected into the youth squad of U-19 age group as well as the senior national team for the duration of 149 days.

The credit goes at Paro FC. Paro FC squad. Paro FC, Yeshi admitted that he was delighted because his team scored the most number of points previous year. “Paro FC” is a great club. It gives its players a salary , even in season off. This isn’t a common practice in other clubs.

He said that by being an athlete was a way to assist his mother, who was a single mother as well as the children of her. “My dad , who died later in his life was an excellent athlete. He also advised me to take up the game. 

Yeshi declared that it is important to stay focused on your objectives and goals in order to accomplish those goals. “My aim is to be an athlete at the top quality. It is likely that there will be those who will give negative or positive feedback about your performance. However, we need to be confident of ourselves.

As with the majority of Bhutanese gamers, Yeshi Dorji aspires to join other nations as well.

1 January 2020. The actor signed a agreement in partnership with German sporting agent TF Sports, and was successful in securing a place in the German six division team VfB Fichte Bielefeld.

As part of a office meeting in which the leader of the team was interviewed over web-based communication, one group members spoke to his co-ordinator, asking whether he could test the program.

The name was intended to refer to a variety of Bhutanese playing soccer throughout Europe But the Bhutanese were forced to return home because of issues in his visa as well as the Covid-19 virus, which persists to be in force.

“I didn’t have the right job permit and had to stop working,” Yeshi Dorji said and added that travelling to Europe isn’t easy to complete. “I have spent around 100,000 nu in order to complete the task. 

The person was born around the year 2000 . He was offered the chance for joining Cyprus in a different section that is part of the Second Division in the 2nd Division as a striker. But the striker chose to turn down the chance.

At the moment, Yeshi Dorji is a freshman at Royal Thimphu College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the field of Mass Communication.He is admitted to the school on the 28th of August.

He acknowledged that he did not get the chance to play in of Bhutan’s Premier League this season. “I tried all I could to join the team Paro FC. I’m currently trying to recuperate from my absence.

Yeshi stated that the goal was to teach young people to take part in the sport of football and to be an integral part of the game. “Most players on the national team do not stick to their routines. This is why we’re here today to demonstrate how we can make a difference by making the most of our time effectively.

He said that there is a significant portion of players hailing come from America. United States move to Australia after their football careers. “I am determined to stop this from happening as I’ve seen it occur. My aim is to build my company to be successful in the future. My goal is to stay in Bhutan to provide children with the chance to succeed.

Concerning the challenges of being able to play in areas like those of the Asian region, Yeshi said football is growing in regions similar to those of the Asian zones. “Due to a large extent, because of the absence of foreign players participating in these leagues inside the nation teams are seeking international players to boost the standard of their teams. 

In addition, the game could be further developed in Bhutan by the construction of infrastructure and the publicizing to international tournaments.

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