Reinventing the cool office – hop on a virtual tour of the best workplace interior designs in the UK

Office managers already know the impact of a comfortable, beautifully designed office on workers’ productivity, but for most of them, efforts usually stop at adding a couch in the hallway, setting up a lunch area or hanging inspirational prints on the office walls. Others, however, have used the freedom of customizing the office space to create fun, quirky, cool interior workplace designs that break formal boundaries. While the US might have a great reputation for cool workplace interior designs, the digital agencies and gaming companies in the UK have a few gems of their own. Here are three of the British headquarters that many consider to be the dream workplace. read more

A Closer Look At Exterior Wall Finishing Options

What choice do you have as for the paints for aggressive, humid or conventional environments? Well, the choice is more than extensive. This question torments, perhaps, everyone thinking about the upcoming repairs, as the number of finishing materials available in modern stores keeps on growing year after year. Wallpapers, plastic panels, decorative plaster crumbs from natural or artificial stone, waterproof paints… the variety of colors, shades and textures and dozens of various combinations is oftentimes too confusing. read more

The unmatched combustion efficiency in waste disposal

plasma-converter-1Firing waste disposal and recycling are, perhaps, the most versatile, reliable and efficient means available to the agglomerations. In many cases, using these technologies is the only possible way of disposal of industrial and domestic waste. The method applied for waste disposal is suitable for waste in any physical state: liquid, solid, gaseous or paste. Along with combustible waste processing and recycling non-combustible waste can be used. In this case, the waste is subjected to high temperature (1000°C) combustion products. read more

Technologies In Action: Vehicle Injectors Ultrasound Cleaning

The injectors are activated with electric shock and nozzles used in engines with distributed fuel injection may have the lower, upper side or supply of fuel. At the lower traverse a constant flow of gasoline through the nozzle is performed, which ensures it is cooled and prevents the formation of vapor bubbles. With a high pressure injection this problem can be solved without the flow of fuel through the nozzle. read more