Marketing Peculiarities of Sweden Gambling

An aspiring casino reviewer, a Swedish Casino website, has recently shared the insights on the state of affairs in BRD gambling marketing, oozing with nutty facts and statistics. The article focuses on the gambling industry in Sweden and on the current apparatus in particular.

In general, the industry is going through a transition period; the country’s history and traditions complicate the possible changes in this area. Additional licensing and technologies accelerate further growth, but also lead to constant revising of operation rules, market restructuring, as well as to changes in the system of payments of winnings. Federal law in Sweden prohibits gambling and advertising; however, each of the 16 states is eligible to introduce exceptions: a license can be issued particular casino. Also, different states have their own rules and laws governing the scope of gambling, so there is no centralized authority responsible for the regulation of this area. However, common to each of them is the high level of taxation – in some regions it is as high as 92%! In this regard, tips are the main mean for covering maintenance costs of casino staff.

Public and private establishments

Every year there a decline of interest of visitors to the table games by about 10% is monitored, which can be partially connected to a growing popularity of slot machines. Nowadays gaming machines generate from 50 to 70% casino profits and, in some cases, this figure reaches 75%. Nevertheless, an authorized gambling establishment houses no more than 100 machines. Moreover, the distribution of slot machines across the country is very uneven: there are 3,500 slots in Sweden, while in its Northern part a total of 400 units is concentrated.

New technologies expand market opportunities and heat the competition. Thus, online casinos with numerous slot machines and jackpots appear; there are various forms of media (newspapers, radios, television, gambling with the dial) that utilize the principles and methods of gambling. Moreover, all of these technologies are provided by gambling institutions from abroad (most often registered in offshore zones or in neighboring Austria).

Another trend, according to experts, is a gradual blurring of boundaries between the products of the gaming industry. For example, lottery evolved from weekly games to instant keno and bingo. The difference between them and the instant casino games (taxed at a lower rate) is becoming less noticeable.

The tops and favorites

Preferences of the players in the Sweden casino divided as follows: tables games are appreciated by 25% of all players. Mentioned below is a breakdown of key statistics figures:

  • 75% prefer a roulette;
  • 20% – Blackjack;
  • 5% – Poker, Punto Banco, Baccarat, SicBo;
  • Bingo is not particularly popular in Swedish.


75% of all players prefer slots. Among them, they point out thematic, multi-line, video slots, and slots that mimic normal or multiwheel roulette. Preferences in poker or bingo slot machines vary depending on the region.

It has been observed that such elements of service as free drinks or light snacks prolongs the time of staying at the gaming machines and the average increases profits from each customer by 2-4 euros.