The Top Benefits of Support Servicing on Industrial Cleaning for Your Business

Keeping your equipments clean and free of oils, grease and other contaminants need professional industrial cleaning solutions. Most industries already have comprehensive industrial degreaser and metal degreaser systems in place to ensure effective cleaning.

You have to ensure the cleaning and degreasing systems are working properly and safely to handle the responsibility. That is where our reliable support and service can come in handy to run things smoothly!

Your business can reap many benefits as a result of our support many of which you have never even thought of. So let’s check out a few of them!

Move Over to Preventive Maintenance

When you have a support service in place, you can transform your approach from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance. As a part of the servicing and support package, our engineers routinely inspect your installations and identify the areas of concern.

Based on their analysis you can take preventive action before the situation becomes serious and stalls your operations.

Ensure Compliance

Industrial cleaning comes with the responsibility of meeting the various compliances in place. You have to deal with the legislations related to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in industrial degreaser and cleaning supplies, something that companies like are good at.

Staying up to date on the latest legislations and ensuring compliance can be a tricky and strenuous effort for you. Our consultants are always into the latest developments (because it’s their job!) and provide expert advice which enables you to meet all regulations and laws.

Increase Longevity of Industrial Cleaning Systems

The support service from standardindustrial makes sure that all your metal degreaser machines and industrial cleaning products are at their optimum health. The preventive care enhances the maintenance service and keeps your equipments in a working state.

We can also upgrade your old technology and modify your current industrial degreaser systems to meet current standards of efficiency.

Meet Safety and Health Standards

During our years of providing industrial cleaning service support, we have found that many businesses fail to meet the required safety standards.

The reason can be malfunctioning machines, use of toxic solvents and their vapourisation, improper waste removal and other faulty working procedures. It exposes your employees to hazardous environment and can even cause accidents like fire.

You can avoid any such adverse situation and promote a safe working environment for your employees with our support service. Our engineers monitor every installation and solvent use as a part of their routine maintenance process. So if they detect any threats, immediate action can be taken.

Professional Service

Your industrial degreaser and cleaning equipments get professional attention when you use our support service. Our engineers have years of experience working across a wide spectrum of industries which equips them to handle even the most difficult situations.

You also get professional and sound advice as a part of our consultation which comes included in our support package.

Enhance Your Industrial Cleaning with Our Support Service

Our engineers ensure that your industrial cleaning and degreasing processes run optimally producing better outcomes while reducing cost. Transfer the tension of keeping your installations and industrial cleaning systems health to us and just enjoy the limitless benefits!

Reinventing the cool office – hop on a virtual tour of the best workplace interior designs in the UK

Office managers already know the impact of a comfortable, beautifully designed office on workers’ productivity, but for most of them, efforts usually stop at adding a couch in the hallway, setting up a lunch area or hanging inspirational prints on the office walls. Others, however, have used the freedom of customizing the office space to create fun, quirky, cool interior workplace designs that break formal boundaries. While the US might have a great reputation for cool workplace interior designs, the digital agencies and gaming companies in the UK have a few gems of their own. Here are three of the British headquarters that many consider to be the dream workplace.

Splunk – graffiti meets big data

Splunk is a big data analysis software company whose London offices look like the brainchild of a graffiti artist and a Whovian. Although the offices only occupy 6,000 sq ft, the company’s architects have used every inch of space strategically, creating a quirky, suburban style.

A US-original company, Splunk has definitely kept some key underground components when designing their offices, namely Banksy-inspired graffiti-painted walls and underground railway arches. Most rooms are open, creating a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. When opening a British branch, Splunk designers wanted the headquarters to pay homage to British culture, which is why they added a few Doctor Who references (a Tardis-shaped demo room, graffiti Daleks) and some red phone boxes on the hallways.

AKQA – industrial design at work

AKQA is a London-based digital agency that values the importance of creativity in everything – including the interior design of their offices. A modern mix of industrial design and residential elements, their style focuses on indoor plants, unfinished brick walls, Edison-style lighting and elegant kitchen decorations.

Mind Candy – work hard, play hard

Gaming company Mind Candy, creators of Moshi Monsters, Petlandia & World of Warriors have designed and decorated their Shoreditch offices to fully reflect their cute and quirky style. Featuring toy versions of their iconic game characters, the offices look less like a workplace and more like a play sanctuary for the child at heart. Because the company frequently invites children to test their games, they incorporated a treehouse room and a gingerbread house. The rest of the offices feature fairy-tale inspired elements such as rope lining, gumball machines, and wooden fences.

Not just for fun – the benefits of a cool office space

Modern digital agencies and gaming companies don’t go to all these lengths just to get a mention in the annual top of the coolest UK offices. Multiple studies have shown that the workplace places a vital role in establishing a creative, productive mindset for employees. When they do not have to spend eight hours a day working in a cubicle, or in a blank office space, they feel more inspired, more creative and they greet each working day with enthusiasm. It cannot go unnoticed that relaxing after work is a necessary thing that every worker should do. That is why you can easily while the time checking a popular website ValleyGames, where you can choose an online casino according to your taste. And, although decorating an entire office building in a quirky style is in no way affordable, it can increase company value and reputation in the long run.

Why VPN services are getting increasingly popular?

VPN it is the personal virtual network allowing to protect the user data, in order to bypass blocking of the websites and to get rid of a GEO location. Without it during the connection to Internet user data pass several stages through provider or provider and point of access to wi-fi and that doesn’t guarantee safety.

But why the simple user who doesn’t store on the own computer drawings of nuclear missiles or passwords from all computers of the personal network need VPN? At practice, many people faced a problem of information blocking from the websites. At such situation, someone will sigh and close the blocked website. But someone will begin to look for ways to reach the necessary information by all means.

Legal content

Legal free content must be available to any user. And it is available — but not to all countries. On YouTube, there are many videos which viewing is forbidden in the territory of some countries. In them there is nothing terrible or illegal — the policy of YouTube wouldn’t allow it. They are just closed for viewing.

The American cable network “Netflix” which is available on paid subscription, allows watching legally some movies and soap operas in the archive of the channel. Also, there already finished and complete seasons of series which cable TV broadcasting only once a week are available (now many other channels start to practice this thing). Also, some channels can upload on their official sites the first series of seasons before they can be seen on TV screens — and all this is absolutely free, without any subscriptions. For example, “Showtime” acted this way and provided for viewing the first series of the last season of “Shameless” in five days before the premiere. In such situation, there is a wish to look, besides absolutely legally. The main problem is only in a GEO location thanks to which movies and series are available in the territories exclusively of certain countries.

Many online movie theaters, for example, providing a subscription which can also aggravate a GEO location problem – outside the country their website is often unavailable.

vpn bypassing geo restrictions

The problem is solved by connection to a personal area network. You can find many variants of VPN service at AntaNET website which help to bypass GEO prohibitions, don’t load the browser and will not break OS.

Safety of personal data

With Internet commerce development more and more people use online banks: systems of online money such as WebMoney or PayPal, and personal accounts on the bank websites. Through the Internet, many purchases are made which are paid with a bank card. The unprotected network can lead to a leak of user data to hacker’s hands. This is not fairy tales from paranoids — fraud at the Internet is a real problem.

By using free wi-fi network it is also possible to face the situation when data of the user will go to someone unwanted. Mainly because of this many people was faced with the hacking of their pages at social networks. It is made usually for spam sending, and it isn’t difficult to recover the password, but let’s agree – this is not the most pleasant situation in your life.

Other options

Access to social networks pages can be blocked too. VPN helps to fully bypass this block. Access can be blocked also at offices by order of the administration from above: while the chief system administrator of the company plays online games at server room, ordinary workers can’t respond the message at the social network. Yes, at the workplace you should work. But the message can be really important and must be answered without any delay. VPN can help to bypass these prohibitions too.

The fact that your actions at the Internet can be tracked is known to many. The VPN service provides in addition to the safety of personal data the anonymity too. It is possible to change own IP address or country and be ciphered not worse that intelligence agent can.

Country houses advantages and disadvantages


Country houses are generally designed for one family and can become a place of permanent residence or the area of summer and winter recreation for those who are not able to spend a holiday abroad. Times of spatial frills – “boxes” of 800 square meters – have been too frilly, in terms of architecture, the structure loses its appeal to the buyer.

Consumers often need practical home area of 150 to 350 square meters with a rational, ergonomic layout and attic. Standard offer includes an individual architectural project, which is created as part of the whole complex, involves the removal of no more than 30-50 km from the city, the presence of access roads, communications systems, developed infrastructure.

However, this distance is not always constant. For example, some cottage settlements are built within the city limits, which greatly facilitates the way and does not affect the environmental situation, as the place is carefully chosen: away from the big roads, in the forest zone. As a rule, it is a house located on a plot of 10 acres, where there is a built-in or attached garage.

Advantages of the cottage

First, attention is drawn to the individuality of the project, the opportunity to escape from the city and segregated in own possessions. At the neighbors in this case, we pay attention rare, especially a form of cottage settlements ensure the unity of the social environment. Secondly, the construction can be made to order in accordance with the stylistic taste of the house owner that retains its exclusivity, and thus the greater liquidity in the market. We should not forget that buying a house – it is a profitable investment, as the property prices are constantly increasing, and the demand for housing will never disappear. Thirdly, the role played by the proximity to nature, a better environment: the territory of cottage settlement – it is a safe and comfortable living environment, guarantee that next to the house suddenly an industrial facility will not appear. Fourth, in a detached house, each is his own man.

As a rule, modern cottage has 2-3 floors, its average area is just over 200 square meters, in which the economic and living areas are marked clearly. At the disposal of the owner of house there are adjoining land on which optionally can be a garden, build a pool and to create everything what the imagination will suffice. Often for a country house autonomous – boiler – heating is chosen and their own communications are laid: thus, its owner does not affect public crises (blackouts, water, heat and so on.).

Disadvantages of private houses

First of all, the construction of private homes is associated with serious costs to conduct utilities. But in cases where a cottage village is organized, the costs are much lower, being distributed among all owners. Remember: if you have chosen a plot of land, you may have to prepare all the documentation, and it will require much time and patience, which requires the registration of ownership of land and building contracts, coordination with different agencies plan development and implementation of communications, and much more. In the cottage village all of these issues are handled by the developer. Prepare yourself as you will have a lot of spending on content home space with an average area of 200-300 square meters.

“Piggott & Whitfield” is an experienced participator of building services and construction market of UK. Organization implemented the project of residential complexes and industrial facilities of varying complexity, from various developers in the European business.

Marketing Peculiarities of Sweden Gambling

An aspiring casino reviewer, a Swedish Casino website, has recently shared the insights on the state of affairs in BRD gambling marketing, oozing with nutty facts and statistics. The article focuses on the gambling industry in Sweden and on the current apparatus in particular.

In general, the industry is going through a transition period; the country’s history and traditions complicate the possible changes in this area. Additional licensing and technologies accelerate further growth, but also lead to constant revising of operation rules, market restructuring, as well as to changes in the system of payments of winnings. Federal law in Sweden prohibits gambling and advertising; however, each of the 16 states is eligible to introduce exceptions: a license can be issued particular casino. Also, different states have their own rules and laws governing the scope of gambling, so there is no centralized authority responsible for the regulation of this area. However, common to each of them is the high level of taxation – in some regions it is as high as 92%! In this regard, tips are the main mean for covering maintenance costs of casino staff.

Public and private establishments Continue reading “Marketing Peculiarities of Sweden Gambling” »

The evolvement of construction and materials

cropped-thevenusprojectArchitecture is an important indicator of the historical development of mankind. With the rise of a nation and civilisation in general the architecture inevitably becomes more advanced and sophisticated; in consequence, building materials evolve too.

Limestone, presumably, was the first building material used by man: lime plates lie in the foundation of the Egyptian pyramids and the Great Wall of China. The strength of ancient masonry structures is provided by the perfect fit for stones – cementing materials, were discovered centuries later. Concrete was invented in ancient Rome – the Romans invented concrete, which, congealing, acquired the strength and durability of the stone. All this has enabled the Romans to create magnificent, monumental castles and palaces.

The role of hydraulic lime in modern building industry

Building projects become way more sophisticated as years pass on, and economic feasibility is no longer the most essential factor even in residential projects. Thus, sophisticated conditions may dictate the requirements for successful implementations, and these requirements drive innovations and changes in production of building technologies and materials.

Therefore, to ensure proper hardness, plaster solutions are used as inorganic binders with water and various additives. Binders also represent construction materials used for the manufacture of concrete and mortar. Binders are used in plaster works and are divided into three main groups: mineral (air and hydraulic); organic, and mixed with special properties.

For the erection of structures in humid operating conditions, as well as for constructing plinths and foundations of large buildings, irrigation canals, preparation of masonry mortar and plaster for use in wet conditions and in the manufacture of lime, ash and lime-slag binders hydraulic lime is widely utilised. This product is obtained by calcining before sintering to marly limestone, contains from 6 to 25% of fine clay and sand admixtures. In accordance with industry standards the result of manufacturing of lime is the fine powder, with sifting residue of particles on the sieve not exceeding 1 – 15%.

Apart from clay impurities hydraulic lime is also comprised of incorporating magnesium carbonate and other impurities. Since the building lime is manufactured from natural raw materials without any additional components, to obtain the artificial mixture of uniform composition marly limestones with uniform distribution of clay and other impurities must be provided. Construction specialists of Telling Company, a far-famed Wolverhampton-based architectural agency widely applying hydraulic lime and lime mortar solutions, admit that not each type is suitable for this or that construction site and individual characteristics have a decisive factor on the choice. The quality of products depends on the form of compounds – limestone or other impurities. Hydraulic lime typically estimated in accordance with a primary or hydraulic module, which is the ratio of percentage of weight of calcium oxide to the percentage of acidic oxides.

Clinical negligence in the UK: the serious cases of the last decade

x-ray-1459448One of the most resonant clinical negligence cases in the UK was the error made by a nursing personnel of a Wiltshire hospital. A terrible mistake that was made has led to irreparable consequences for the patient. The nurse, Violetta Aylward, has mistakenly shut down lungs ventilation system of the patient. The accident took place in 2009 (but the details were revealed in 2012) and it was recorded by the CCTV camera installed in the room.

In 2002 a 37-year-old Jamie Merrett, fell into a heavy car accident, the result of which was paralysation of the body. He lived at home, connected to a life support system. He retained the clarity of mind, was able to speak, used wheelchair and operated various devices using voice recognition commands.

However, after a 21 minute of disconnection from the system, an irreparable blow was delivered to his brain. His sister, Curran Reynolds, says, ‘now his life has changed. But, it is not the life he used to live. He was a smart man, you could have talked to him for hours, but now his mind has become primitive’. The tragic accident happened in January, 2009. Curran Reynolds did not wait till someone took responsibility – it all went complicated according to her and she decided to file a complaint. The agency, which is under contract with the public service health care provided nursing services for Mr. Reynolds, still supposedly investigating. Violetta Aylward, the nurse was suspended from work.

The case in Britain is not the first and, unfortunately, not the last, recollecting a fairly recently completed court settlement into the death in 2004 of 30-year-old Mayra Cabrera. She gave birth at the same hospital, where she worked as a nurse. The birth went well, but Cabrera put on a drip to normalise blood pressure. And the nurse injected her with a strong analgesic instead of saline, the drug, as it turned out, was ‘similar in appearance’. The hospital paid the fine, has pledged to label products better and conduct annual certifications in obstetricians. The compensation rates vary from case to case, but in general, competent legal assistance is the key towards a successful issue resolution. You may want to get contacts of decent medical negligence solicitors at, an aspiring UK legal startup aggregating law services at one place. Remember that there is an option when you pay no legal fees if the claim is successful – learn more about it in the article on the no win no fee agreement.

How is it going in the US?

Interesting stats: according to newspaper Chicago Tribune, in the United States starting from 1995 to 2000, no less than 1720 patients died in hospitals, and about 10,000 of patients were seriously injured through the fault of the nurses – because of their inaction or wrong action. In accordance with the publication, the main causes behind the issues are that nurses and nursing personnel are either poorly trained or overworked, or are not currently under the influence of drugs. A relatively infrequent punishment of nursing personnel is another factor CT underlines – they are rarely fired and in the worst case scenario move to another states, where they work in the same profession.

A Closer Look At Exterior Wall Finishing Options

What choice do you have as for the paints for aggressive, humid or conventional environments? Well, the choice is more than extensive. This question torments, perhaps, everyone thinking about the upcoming repairs, as the number of finishing materials available in modern stores keeps on growing year after year. Wallpapers, plastic panels, decorative plaster crumbs from natural or artificial stone, waterproof paints… the variety of colors, shades and textures and dozens of various combinations is oftentimes too confusing.



However, make the right choice, in fact, it is not that difficult. The main thing is to make a choice in favour of material with characteristics that meet the area requirements and guarantee long years of trouble-free operation. By the way, the easiest and most affordable way to design the walls is considered to be the application of paint. This option is recently preferred by ordinary consumers, professional designers, and, of course, manufacturers. Such innovative companies as Britannia replenish their lineup of exterior wall coatings on virtually annual basis.

How it works

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The unmatched combustion efficiency in waste disposal

plasma-converter-1Firing waste disposal and recycling are, perhaps, the most versatile, reliable and efficient means available to the agglomerations. In many cases, using these technologies is the only possible way of disposal of industrial and domestic waste. The method applied for waste disposal is suitable for waste in any physical state: liquid, solid, gaseous or paste. Along with combustible waste processing and recycling non-combustible waste can be used. In this case, the waste is subjected to high temperature (1000°C) combustion products.

Controlled incineration process is called oxidation of solid, liquid or gaseous combustible waste. During combustion carbon dioxide, water, and ash are generated. Sulfur and nitrogen contained in the waste are turn into various oxides and chlorine is reduced to HC1 during combustion. In addition to the gaseous products of the combustion of waste produced the solids – metal, glass, slag, etc; requiring further recycling or disposal.

This method is characterised by high sanitary and hygiene-effectiveness. The list of application of combustion methods and nomenclature of waste that can be processed is constantly expanding. These include waste of chlororganic industries, basic organic synthesis, production of plastics, rubber and synthetic fibers, oil refining industry, wood chemistry, chemical pharmaceutical and microbiological industry, mechanical engineering, radio engineering, instrument-making industry, paper and many other industries.

Combustion method allows processing mixtures of organic and inorganic products, as well as halogenated waste, such complex in terms of waste disposal. A mixture of organic and inorganic salts – the most difficult material for combustion, as it typically partly comprised of water. When burning such material’s molecule organic compounds are destroyed and inorganic compounds are converted into oxides and carbonates, which are derived from the combustion zone along with the slag and ash. Fine particles of oxides and carbonates contained in the flue gas are captured in a wet scrubber.

One of the most hazardous waste, the primary method of processing of which is burning, is halogenated products. Fluorine and bromine wastes are less common, but they are treated in the same manner as the chlorine-containing materials. Chlorinated organic materials may comprise an aqueous phase or a certain amount of water. Waste with a high content of chlorine have a low calorific value, as the chlorine, bromine and fluorine similarly, prevents the combustion process.

According to Simdean, a prominent company with focusing on innovative plasma waste disposal and industrial waste disposal methods, an optimal performance of the combustion process depends on the compliance with process parameters: temperature in the combustion reactor, the specific load, the working volume of the reactor, dispersion spraying, the aerodynamic structure and the degree of turbulence of gas flow in the reactor, as well as a number of other factors.

Burning is carried out in furnaces of various designs, the main element of which is a grate, which actually runs the process. The space inside the furnace is divided into several zones, where the series of processes takes place. The combustion process consists of five stages – drying, gasification, ignition, combustion and post-combustion, which are usually launched sequentially, but may take place simultaneously as well.

Patenting Burdens And Legal Obstacles For Innovation

Medicine+patent+landscape+studiesOn the one hand, patent law developed enough to adequately protect the interests of inventors and manufacturers of new products and other interested parties (access information about the nature of patentable subject matter).

On the other hand, the same positive features grow into quite different phenomena affecting the market. The rapid growth in the number of patent applications in many countries in recent years is leading to a slowdown and a decline in the quality of patent offices, duplication of their efforts in considering applications identical in different countries. It also complicates the access for inventors and other persons to reliable the information about the contents and scope of protection of existing patents, but it reduces the level of scientific knowledge available to society by choosing the inventors do not patent their forms of protection. The state of affairs seriously increases transaction costs and the costs for obtaining all the necessary licenses in the issuance of technologically sophisticated devices. The current legislation deprives the profits of manufacturers for a long time waiting for the issuance of a patent and multiplies the number of legal disputes between multiple patent holders in certain areas.

The way to go

National patent offices should seek to establish close cooperation with the relevant authorities in other countries to use the same database of patentable subject matter in order to simplify and expedite the review of applications.

The increase in patents in overlapping fields of science and technology leads to a multiplication of interrelated patent lack of understanding of who exactly is necessary to obtain consent for the use of his invention, the growth of conflict and litigation, to the prevalence of “defensive” nature of patenting (instead of stimulating innovation), receivable low scientific patents to the emergence of patent obstacles when several different owners of patents prevent each of them to produce their products, as well as try to acquire malicious profit from owning interdependent patents (the production of smartphones is a bright example).

The fastest growing in recent years is the number of patents in the field of computer technology and telecommunications, and industry experts express serious doubts that the patenting support innovation. Inventions in these areas often follow logically from existing inventions and innovations, rather than represent a new word in science and technology. As a result, support for innovation is weak, and patents form a long list of obstacles of course, hindering market growth.

There is no single way to solve the problem of patent ‘thickets’. Market participants themselves are taking advantage of different methods of restoring order: creating standards, patent pools and so on. Businesses tend to invest heavily in maintaining legal cleanness, and virtually all the solid entities dealing with research and innovation put maximum effort into protecting the fruits of their labour. A quick example is universities, investing into researches and looking to ensure ROI numbers; e.g. the University of Manchester has established UMIP, the branch that assists scientific departments with intellectual property and commercialisation fields.

Awaiting government moves

States in this regard can take the following three steps:

Prevent the spread of patenting on areas of business where the catalytic role of patents lower compared to the overhead created, increase the amount of fees for maintaining the patent in force and provide for the issuance of patents of higher quality.